Pom Pom Drop- Keeping Toddlers Busy

Guest Post by Nicolette of Powerful Mothering.

My 18 month old’s new obsession is to drag one of the plastic chairs rather noisily to the kitchen then stand on it to see what is being done on the kitchen counter.

Now, usually I don’t mind at all for her observing and sometimes helping by handing me a tomato but at times it is not safe for her to be there. For instance when I am using the eclectic beater to make a cake or using boiling hot liquids.

This is where a little distraction comes in! I give you the pom pom drop to occupy your little one in the kitchen.

pom pom drop busy toddlers in the kitchen

This one is rather simple to make and will occupy my toddler for about 5 to 10 minutes at a time. Which is just enough time to beat the batter, pour the hot water into the tea cups or strain some hot pasta in the sink.

Use a cardboard box of a nice size for your little one. Optionally paint it with pretty colors to draw more interest from the toddler and make a few holes in the sides to fit pom poms.

have fun popping pom poms in

There you have it, a pretty box and an appealing basket of pom poms to occupy your toddler next time they toddle into the kitchen!

The first time we used this activity I had to show her that the pom poms went into the holes. This sparked her curiosity and she took over making the pom poms disappear!

busy toddlers in the kitchen

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We would love to hear what do you do with your toddler when in the kitchen?


Nicolette is a stay-at-home mom of three kids, four years old and younger. You will often find her on the floor at kid level, learning through play. Simple and easy activities and crafts are the most popular with her little ones and she shares these on her blog Powerful Mothering.

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