Pretend Play: Voting

I’m always amazed how the most mundane things in our lives can be extremely exciting in the eyes of a child. Now, obviously I consider myself extremely blessed to be able to vote and choose the leaders for our country, but the process isn’t all that enthralling…unless you are two.

I took Big Brother with me to vote on Tuesday and he was mesmerized. He’s talked about every day since. So today we voted again–this time it was out our house.

Here’s what you’ll need:  a pizza box (I just went to Pizza Hut drive-thru and asked if I could have a medium pizza box for a project at home. They happily obliged), blank mailing labels, and a divider (we used the tri-fold foam board we painted with a rainbow for trunk-or-treat at our church).

I taped this “electronic ballot” onto the top of the pizza box.

…And made these stickers from blank mailing labels.

Big Brother got in his car to drive to the voting precinct.

Excited about his sticker!

Casting his ballot by touching the “screen”

And he just HAD to have another sticker!


  1. Great idea! I had my son vote on what to do that day, and he voted "watch tv"! That is why motherhood is not a democracy!

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