Create a Pretend Play Kit with Discounted Halloween Costumes

Pretend Play Kit


Last year I created this Pretend Play Dress Up Clothes kit for Big Brother for Christmas. I bought all the costumes right after Halloween for pennies on the dollar and saved them until Christmas. I put them all in a mattress protector package and it made for a cheap Christmas gift that can be used all year round!



Be on the lookout for deeply discounted costumes if you’re interested in making a pretend play kit, especially right after Halloween!




  1. this is genius. my kids are major into dressing up. i am definitely doing this. i love your blog. i found you on pinterest. i just mentioned your link in my last blog post. you have no idea how excited i am about the 30 days of intentional acts of kindness with my little people. it’s going to be a special month for sure. bless you. here is the link to my post where i mentioned you twice.


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