Semi-Safe "Sword" Fighting

I honestly believe that pretend “sword fighting” must be programmed into the DNA of boys. I don’t recall either of my boys ever seeing this on TV, so I’m just blaming it on the Y chromosome. The same is true for picking up sticks and “sword fighting” with sticks. This happens every.single.time we go outside!
I told you last week after the Caterpillar Counting activity that I would be sharing additional uses for the foam pool noodles. This is activity #2. After using about 2/3 of it in the caterpillar counting activity, I just cut the remaining in 2 pieces to make pretend swords. They are about 2 feet long and are just long enough to play with and just short enough so that they won’t knock lamps over. :)
The boys Big Brother had fun playing with the pretend swords! Here they are playing together.

Little Brother wasn’t so sure…

And invariably, this had to happen…
Which then led to this…

Which led to the “swords” being put away. Next time we’ll be laying some “ground rules” for our pretend sword fights!


  1. LOL, very cute! Don't expect them to out grow it. I'm pretty sure my husband and his brother and even my two grown brothers would not pass up an opportunity for a "sword fight" ;)

  2. Two words: bike helmet. Ok more words, our now 4 yr(boy) and 21 Mos old(girl) play "light sabers" with wrapping paper rolls and bike helmets. Then one day we made shields out of cardboard pizza rounds to deflect the face maneuvers. Fun! Love the noodles :-)

  3. Hi! I just came across your site. You have tons of great ideas I plan to use with my kids. :)
    I just wanted to give you my “safe” idea for sword fighting (wich is pretty popular with my son too): we use rolled newspaper sheets. They make long (or you can make them shorter) swords, but they’re not too hard. So he can hit his father as hard as he wants with (almost) no chance of harming him.

  4. My grandson wants to have a sword fight at his birthday party. The children will range in ages 2 – 12. We will divide them into age groups. I have inflatable swords for each child. The problem is, I have no idea how to make this into a game. Also, what rules should I have? Any ideas are welcome.

  5. My son isnt two yet but will joust every street sign with a 12 inch Lance that magically is turned into a saber as he rides on my shoulders.
    Stick fighting with young boys is older then sword it’s also a good time to introduce rules in how to regard respect to your self and others. Never strike someone who is unarmed. And never hit them in the back. And if they say stop do not press another attack.
    Rules are important but when you tell them this is the code of conduct of a sword fighter they seem much more interested in learning more.

    Soda pop tabs make great chainmail if you want a diy project with your kids

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