S is for Snake: Alphabet Craft

S is for Snake


Little Brother and I created this Striped Snake for our Letter “S” Craft. We conveniently used a sponge to create our stripes all while Little Brother was wearing his striped sweater (Repeat the last 2 sentences 3 times as quick as you can…go!). Actually, the striped sweater thing wasn’t planned…after all, who would expect a child to need a sweater in mid-April. Thankfully, it is one of two long-sleeved shirts left in his closet after last week’s overhaul. :)

This is one of several alphabet crafts that Little Brother has created recently and he is progressing well on being able to recognize the letters in the alphabet. He has definitely matured some in the last couple of months…he will do an activity with me without whining or throwing a fit. Hooray! :)

Here’s what you’ll need to create your own Snake “S”:  Construction paper, tempera paint, googly eyes, a dry sponge, a pen, and glue.








1. Write the letter S (block style) on a piece of construction paper.




2. Cut it out. If your child is proficient at using scissors, allow him/her too. The curves in the “S” make it a little tricky, so I cut this one out myself.




3. Cut off a small section of your sponge.




4. Prepare a dab of paint. I just use an old scratched-up melamine plate that we got when we were first married.




5. Give your child the sponge and the paint and have him/her paint the stripes on the “S”.








6. Let it dry completely.




7. In the meantime, cut out a small red tongue.




8. Once the “S” is dry, let your child glue on the tongue (on the back) and the two googly eyes.




All done!

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