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It’s December 31st as I write this and I just took one load of junk stuff we no longer need to Goodwill and will be taking another before the end of the day. There are few more satisfying feelings for me than to purge the clutter. I seem to thrive on simplicity these days and the idea of clutter literally raises my blood pressure. Perhaps it’s the overwhelming presence of tiny toy pieces littering the floors of our house that has caused me to be this way…I’m not really sure. All I know is that it feels good to be back to simplicity (which is why I yanked all my Christmas decorations down on December 26th).

I recently had the pleasure of reading the brand new eBook Project Organize Your Entire Life by Stephanie Morgan of Modern Parents Messy Kids. It was simply wonderful and a great way to motivate me to whip our house (and my schedule) into shape!

Here are the issues this eBook tackles:

  • De-cluttering your house, including purging toys (woo-hoo). Stephanie gives several strategies that can work for anyone.

(Confession:  I love the idea of involving my kids in making room for new toys by getting rid of old ones…but I’ve found it to be much less drama to simply box up the toys they haven’t played with in a long time when they are sleeping. I know, I know…it seems kind of unfair. But believe it or not, they have never asked where a toy has gone after I secretly donated it. Perhaps that’s simply a testament to the abundance of toys in our home…or the simple fact that the toys I have chosen aren’t ones that they were crazy about to begin with. It would be much more of a character building experience if I involved them (which I am resolving to do this year…especially after reading this eBook). But honestly…we have enough battles as it is and it just seems like too much effort sometimes.

  • Organizing toys (and other household items).
  • Establishing a routine that allows for more quality time with your family.
  • Creating a cleaning schedule that works for every personality type!
  • Menu-planning resources (and why everyone should create a menu).


I really enjoyed reading this eBook. It gave practical suggestions that can easily be implemented to fit my personality type. Many other resources I have used in the past are much too rigid for a non-Type A person like myself (remember this post and this post?). I have a very hard time sticking to schedules but I love and thrive on simplicity and order.


Good news:  Get 15% off of Project Organize Your Entire Life through January 8th using the code ‘teach’.


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  1. i still secretly donate toys too, and mine is 7. one thing i’ve learned is to pick and choose my battles and that is not one. i figure why make a battle when there doesn’t need to be, and it’s not that they dont want to share, it’s just hard to understand it at that age and esp. since they dont have experience with it.

  2. I secretly donate toys too, and like you it’s normally not a battle I want to pick. However, after Christmas this year I told the girls there just room for their new things and we went a couple boxes at a time and they put things in the giveaway pile that surprised me. I did it in a laid back way knowing I could always go back and secretly get rid of things.

    I have a hard time sticking to schedules too so maybe this would be a good book for me too! Thanks for the review, it was very helpful.

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