Sum Splat: Learning with Water Balloons

Sum Splat  An addition game using water balloons


Water balloons are so much fun for the summer! But besides being a great way to burn off some energy, they can also be a surprisingly good learning tool! We used water balloons to create this sum splat game to practice some simple addition.



Here’s what you’ll need:  Water balloons, chalk, a permanent marker, and a water balloon pump.



1. Fill your water balloons with water. We use this water balloon pump that has a tying feature (no more sore fingers!).




 2. Write your numerals on the balloons with a permanent marker (we did 1-5).





3. Write all of the possible sums on the pavement using sidewalk chalk.





 4. Get your balloons (and kiddos) ready.





 5. Have your child choose two balloons and add them together.





 6. Splat the sum with the water balloons!









What is your favorite thing to do with water balloons?




  1. I love this idea – perfect for the summer heat. Where did you buy the water balloon pump with the tying feature? That is too cool!

  2. I have a 3-year old who’s learning to identify letters and numerals. I can see that this can be used to work on learning numbers by splatting the matching numbers from balloon to concrete! Oh! It would work with letters too!

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