Ivy Kids: The Perfect Gift for Preschoolers

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Ivy Kids- The perfect gift for preschoolers


If you are looking for the perfect gift for your preschooler that keeps on giving throughout the year, then you need to check out Ivy Kids.


Ivy Kids is a literature-based monthly subscription kit that comes packed with about a dozen ready-made activities based around the common theme of the book for the month (which is also included). This is truly a wonderful resource, especially for busy moms who don’t have the time to prepare such thoughtful, well-planned, creative, educational activities for their kids.  Everything you need is included.  These kits truly make life easier.


Ivy Kids Kits would make the perfect gift for preschoolers because it is something that would continue all year long. This would especially be a beneficial gift idea for grandparents and extended family!




I have had the opportunity to review four Ivy Kids kits based upon the books Mouse Paint, Jump Frog Jump, Color Zoo, and most recently Chicka-Chicka Boom Boom (you can see my other reviews here and here). Each of the kits has been absolutely exceptional and my boys have LOVED the activities!


Here are just some of the reasons we love Ivy Kids:


  • There are enough activities to last you all. month. long.   I could not believe how many activities fit into such a small little box. Although some of the activities are consumable (i.e. crafts), many of them are not, so you can repeat them over and over again.










  •  The quality of materials is exceptional. In the past kits, we have received plastic color paddles and wooden shape blocks that we will use for years to come. This kit came with an alphabet puzzle that can be colored. And even the paper is amazing!





  • Each activity comes with thorough instructions and ways to modify and enrich, if necessary.



  • You can add sibling kits for a minimal cost so that each of your children participate. This would also be perfect for daycare or preschool classes!





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