Animal Mix Up Legos

This little activity was super easy and the boys Big Brother loved it!  Little Brother has had a fever (again!) yesterday and this morning, so he is CRANKY!  Nothing pleases that child today.

Here’s what you’ll need:  Legos, packing tape and pictures of animals fit to size.  You can download the one I used here…it fits our 2.5″x1.5″ (2 combined) Lego Duplos.

1.  Put 2 of your Legos together and measure their combined length and width.

2.  Print off pictures to size.  You can download mine here.

3.  Cut each animal in half…not a real animal, the picture of the animal.  For Heaven’s sakes, I don’t want to be contacted by PETA.

4.  Tape each on the legos.

Make sure to line them up if they don’t fit your Lego exactly.  Rinse and repeat for the other animals.  Okay, don’t really rinse…just repeat.

5.  Scatter the pieces on the floor.

6.  Let your child match the top to the corresponding bottom.

See?  I told you he was grumpy.  I wanted to get a picture of the animals jumbled just for fun, but I was in a frantic rush to get this cranky-pants to bed!


  1. Jeni says

    I really want to make these! I think it would be a great game for keeping my 2yo occupied while my 4 1/2yo and I do school!

  2. Katey (Having Fun at Home) says

    SUCH a good idea! I've been mulling if and how I could expand it and make even bigger puzzles with the same idea.

  3. Jenae says

    Amanda, you are too kind! That certainly isn't true.

    Katey, there are so many things you could do with this and increase the number of Legos as your child gets older!

  4. Julie says

    What a cute idea. Might need to make this today or tomorrow.

    Calla has a fever too. So does Talia. Must be going around . . . boo. It does make the babies cranky.

  5. Anjanette says

    Great idea! We only have small legos, but they'd still work for my 3 yr old! I think I'll hunt for small pictures in magazines.

  6. Aly says

    I just found your site! I love it!!! What adorable ideas. I can't wait to try this and others too. Thank you!!

  7. Maureen says

    Great idea and reading the other comments got me thinking of making some with a child's photo on one block and their printed name on the other. Thanks for sharing your idea.

  8. says

    I seriously feel like you read my mind here. LOL. I have had a page from family fun magazine taped to the cabinet for over a month since another issue has passed where they used people photos for this. I was sitting here the other day thinking about that, and thought I could recycle magazines and do this and bam had your post. LOVE it and thank you for the printables !!

  9. Jamie says

    This was GREAT for my 33 month old!!!! I was amazed at what a challenge this was for him- he really enjoyed it and I could see his little brain working. I am thinking that they make address labels the right size to fit the duplos and I am going to try that next- self stick! Thanks so much for sharing- I am LOVING your site! :-)

  10. says

    Amazing!!!1 Why didn’t this came to my mind when my little one is busy all the time to play with her legos.. She can spent hours on this… loved the idea.. I am going to try right away… will post the pics too on my blog with link to your blog. Thanks for a creative idea

  11. Nicole says

    Hello! I stumbled upon your website on pinterest, and I am in love! I was an early childhood education major. I used to teach, and now I stay home with our first child who is 18 months (and soon will have our second). I am always looking for fun, simple learning activities I can do at home with him; and this website was like striking gold! Thank you so much for all your hard work you put into this! I will be a regular guest.

  12. Mallory says

    I also found your website on pinterest! I love all of your ideas. I am in the process of getting some pictures together. I had an idea to group the legos into themes. So far I have came up with, farm, zoo, transportation, and emergency vehicles. Can’t wait to print them and put them all together. Thanks for the great idea!

  13. Anna says

    I LOVE this idea, I’m inspired to make a game using taller stacks with chopped up silly family member pics.
    So much fun to be had !!!!
    Even star wars characters for my son !!
    THANK YOU xx

  14. Fran says

    I did this but first I made a block tower for my 2.5 yo with different kinds of big blocks. Taped them on with the clear packing tape then separated them by razor knife. Taped down the edges, took them apart. She couldn’t WAIT to start putting it all together! :)

  15. Jennifer says

    ahh .. i really like this idea and i am going to do this thing so my 3 year old kid can do this stuff while she playing legos ..

  16. Collette says

    You have AMAZING ideas and I have quickly fallen in love with them… I’ve tried a few and my two and three year old absolutely LOVE them!! Thanks for taking the time to give us less “creative” moms GREAT ideas!!!

  17. says

    I am so going to do this! i’m going to order the different animal prints from for .09c each. what a great ideal for a matching game with one of their fave toys: blocks. thank you!


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