Animal Mix-Up LEGOs

Animal Mix-Up


Years ago I created an Animal Mix-Up LEGOs activity that was pretty much identical to this one. Unfortunately, however, when I transferred my blog from one platform to another (Blogger to WordPress), this specific post was somehow lost (and the pictures that went with it had long been deleted–oopsies).

I have been asked several times to recreate this activity and finally did it! It is a much simpler version of our LEGO Picture Puzzles activity and is the perfect finale for our 31 Days of Indoor Fun for Toddlers series.


Here’s what you’ll need:

LEGO Duplos

Double-sided tape

Xacto knife

Our Animal Mix-Up Printable

Optional:  Laminator


Animal Mix-Up LEGOs

1. Download, print, and laminate our Animal Mix-Up LEGOs printable. Please keep in mind that the pictures will not fit exactly on the DUPLOs…you will need to do some trimming. I did my best to make them fit perfectly, but ran into limitations with the original stock photos themselves.



2. Use double-stick tape on each DUPLO to secure the photo.



3. Trimming works best with an Xacto knife and cutting board…but mine is currently lost so I had to use scissors. After I attached the photo to the DUPLOs, I trimmed around the edges and then broke apart the two and snipped through the middle.


Animal Mix-Up LEGOs



Animal Mix-Up LEGOs

This is a great opportunity to practice animal sounds. Learning animal sounds is great for your child’s language development.


Animal Mix-Up LEGOs

Here they are with the right tops and bottoms…


Animal Mix-Up LEGOs

…and here they are all mixed up. Ideally, all animals would be facing in the same direction. But again, I was limited by the stock photos available. :)



Little Sister had lots of fun with this activity!


Animal Mix-Up LEGOs

“Neigh! Neigh!”


Cow Mix-Up LEGOs



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  1. Great idea! I love the simplicity of this. Would a three-year-old still find this engaging? Perhaps more blocks, a three-piece puzzle?

    Trying this when I get my laminator. Might use other animals she’s interested in at the moment, too. Thanks!

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