DIY Quiet Blocks

DIY Quiet Blocks


We’ve found another way to utilize pool noodles–making them into quiet blocks!  I love it when the boys build with blocks, but we have wood laminate floors on our main floor…which means that blocks are really, really loud (especially when Little Brother is napping).

These disc-sized blocks are perfect for kids of all ages!


*Please note, if your toddler still puts things in his/her mouth… wait a while before trying these, as the foam could detach and pose a choking hazard.


1.  Using a ruler, make a small mark every two inches down the length of the pool noodle.

IMG_05692.  Get your cerated knife and cutting board (or in my case, mat) ready





3.  Cut through the noodle at every marking.









 Cut the other colors as well!





Let your child begin building and engaging in some imaginative play!




 This is a city (notice the skyscrapers)…





 And this is the road….





 …that leads to a restaurant called “Luke’s Alley” (all Big Brother’s doing…he played for a long time)!











 Looking for more uses for a pool noodle?  Try painting with them, making your own hurdles, threading for babies, and caterpillar counting!  



  1. Beverley M says

    It looks like these would be fun for the kids to string as well and make necklaces for giants.

  2. Ellen Dillon says

    Jenae, These are such a great idea! What I might also do is cut a few discs exactly two times longer than the 2″ discs (4″) and a few 3 times longer (6″). (Must be making a connection to Cuisenaire Rods!) Love that they’re quiet! Also like the different experience kids will get playing/stacking with objects that have one dimension that is circular. Thanks so much! I’ll be making these.

  3. Donna says

    Thanks for the posting. I had already purchased some pool noodles (before they go on sale, because I was afraid I would miss the sales!) intending to make them into race thingies for the kids I work with in Haiti. BUT WOW! I love love love all your ideas! Thanks for solving the puzzle as to how to cut these puppies! I also have an 8 month old granddaughter and will DEF be making a boxful of this for her!

    • Carla says

      Be careful using these with little children. My kids are easily able to bite off chunks of pool noodles!

  4. Christine says

    Oh how fun this will be for my kids, especially the younger one who likes to build then demolish! It will go well with our sponge bricks. Thanks for sharing such a great idea!

  5. Donna says

    Thank you for this fabulous idea! Found some thicker (mega) noodles at Walmart and cut those into 6 inch lengths. Love that these blocks are soft if you step on them or if they fall onto a little ones head. Also they are great to play with in the yard (easy clean up) and fun in the wading pool (with or without water) or the sand box. Thanks again!!

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