Fishbowl Craft: One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish

One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish Craft with Corn Syrup Paint


One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish is another beloved Dr. Seuss book in our house!  This fishbowl craft was especially fun because the paint is actually colored corn syrup–which dries shiny and glossy!   Both of the boys loved making their own fishbowls and were so proud of how they turned out!


Here’s what you’ll need:  construction paper (white and various colors), scissors, corn syrup, food coloring, paintbrushes and clear plastic wrap (optional).  








1.  Cut out a fishbowl shape from a piece of cardstock or construction paper.  I folded ours in half to make it symmetrical.  :)




2.  Cut out several small fish from the colored construction paper.




3.  Pour some corn syrup into a shallow dish and add a few drops of food coloring.




 4.  Mix.




5.  Set out all the materials and let your child paint the corn syrup onto the fishbowl shape.



















 6.  Add the fish on top (the corn syrup acts as glue).




 7.  Let dry completely.  The corn syrup will stay shiny even after it has dried!




 Optional:  Cover the front of the fishbowl with clear plastic wrap for a glassy look.









 We decided we liked it better without the clear plastic wrap, so we took it off.









 Still shiny and glossy several hours later.








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  1. Kristie G. says

    How long does it take the corn syrup to dry? I was looking to make this craft with my three year old class from our homeschool group. We only have about 30 minutes. I didn’t know if this would work. Thanks for all the cute ideas!

    • says

      It takes several hours to dry completely. You could always send it home on a paper plate with instructions to let it dry completely before displaying. :)

  2. Chris A. C. says

    I read all of the above regarding the hardness of the product when it is dry. Do the fish stay on too? Do they fall off? Has anyone hung this up in their classroom?

    • says

      The fish do stay on…we had ours on our bulletin board for over a year and half! I will say make sure it is entirely dry before you hang it vertically (depending on the thickness, it might take a few days).

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