Ziploc “My Body” Book


These little books are so cool!  My good friend Sarah introduced me to these “Ziploc Books” and I decided to use pictures to help teach my boys their body parts.  I made one last year for Big Brother and it was definitely a favorite, so now I’m making one for Little Brother!  Babies and toddlers love seeing their own picture (or reflection, for that matter), so these books are perfect for them!   Once they outgrow them, slip the pages out and put something new in (like shapes, for example).

It doesn’t take much longer to make a couple of the Ziploc books than just one, so make a few to keep on hand for different activities besides the body book.

Here’s what you’ll need:  Ziploc Bags (I used 5 bags per book), Tape (not pictured), Pictures of your baby’s eyes, nose, mouth, ears, arm, hand, legs, feet, and a full body shot (preferably labeled), double-sided paper (I used scrapbook paper), a scrap of fabric, and a sewing machine or a needle and thread (not pictured).  You can also make these without sewing them, I would just use something really strong–like duct tape–to hold them together.

1.  Place two Ziploc bags on top of each other and use a tiny bit of tape to tape them together.   Add each Ziploc individually, taping each as you go.

2.  Once you have all five, add a longer piece of tape just to secure–and yes, I am using painter’s tape simply because we don’t currently have any masking tape around here.
3.  Cut your piece of scrap fabric the same length as the Ziploc bag.
4.  Fold it over, pin it, and sew a seam straight down.  (Or you can just use duct tape to hold it all together).
5.  See?
6.  Now, mount your pictures on a paper cut just shy of 6″x6″ (you’ll have to try and adjust the size since your seam might be larger or smaller than mine).
7.  Once all your pictures are mounted, slip the pages inside and “zip” them shut.
8.  And Ta-DA!  You’re done!
Wasn’t that easy?
Remember to make a couple extra “Ziploc” books while you’re making this one.  I’ll share some other ideas on how to use these in the coming days.  :)

**This activity is intended for parents to make and for children to enjoy afterwards.  Always supervise your child when he/she is playing with this book.



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