1-Minute Microwave Eggs

Our boys love to eat eggs. But I, quite frankly, do not enjoy cooking scrambled eggs (have I told you how much of a morning person I am NOT?). Plus, you have to wash the pan and use a dozen eggs just to get enough! So I often will use this technique that my mom taught me, especially when we are in a hurry in the mornings!

Depending on your microwave, these eggs take approximately 1 minute to cook (my microwave takes exactly 1 minute and 10 seconds). :)

And I’ll be honest…these eggs don’t look too appetizing. My children, however, can gobble them up in less than a minute!

Here’s what you’ll need:  a microwave-safe bowl, an egg, nonstick cooking spray, salt, pepper, and a small paper towel or napkin.


1. Spray some nonstick cooking spray into your bowl. Use the paper towel to spread it around. (No, my bowl isn’t filthy…it’s just majorly scratched and shadow-y.)



2. Use a fork to beat the eggs slightly.



3. Add a little salt and pepper.



4. Put the paper towel you used to spread the cooking spray on top of the bowl…



…and put it in the microwave for 1-2 minutes (mine takes 1 minute and ten seconds).



All done! See? I told you they don’t look very appetizing!



5. Cut it up with a fork.




Breakfast is served!


What’s your favorite easy breakfast???



  1. oh i am SO trying this!! buckeroo luvs scrambled eggs too (so much that i have to limit his intake) but so many times i serve cereal for breakfast before school due to the same things you listed. thanks so much!

  2. I make eggs this way for myself nearly every morning. I use a small coffee mug and undercook the eggs slightly because they’ll keep cooking as they cool enough to eat.

  3. Scrambled eggs are my easy breakfast, LOL! It’s the only way my 2 year old will eat eggs (my older loves hard-boiled and sunny side up too). Scrambled eggs, toast and fruit holds longer than a bowl of cereal. Of course, we homeschool, so time isn’t typically a factor in the morning, though I can certainly relate to needing several eggs…my boys can put away some food!

  4. I’ve been doing eggs in the microwave my whole life. I will tell you, if you add a splash of milk (just a tiny splash, too much and the eggs are soggy) to the eggs they will look more appetizing and be a little less dry… This is a good way to cook eggs for an egg mcmuffin, it comes out round and cooks so fast!

  5. We just had these this morning! We do them in a coffee cup with a bit of shredded cheddar cheese on top, then I serve them on whole wheat biscuits as a sandwich. The kids love them.

  6. Ta Da! Yep, when my oldest was a wee-one my mom taught me to make scrambled eggs in the microwave. It is such a big timesaver and I hate the scrambled egg skillet mess to clean up. This eliminates that! Eat up! :)

  7. I used to make eggs for myself this way when I worked out of the home and didn’t have kiddos to feed. Now when I make eggs, I have to make a dozen at a time to feed everyone! :)

    We rotate our breakfasts between scrambled eggs, oatmeal (on the stovetop), and (plain) yogurt with cinnamon & honey or fruit. Yogurt is our “easy” meal. They eat a whole bowl – like adult sized – off all three and they are 2 and 4 years old! :)

  8. I call this egg in a mug (I obviously use a mug instead of a bowl.) my 2 year old son devours them. He will not eat regular scrambled eggs but egg in a mug is an all time favourite.
    I do add a little splash of milk and some cheese when I make them.

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