Balancing on Boxes for Toddlers

Balancing on Boxes


We have a healthy supply of boxes at our house. I am an avid Amazon Prime shopper, so it feels as though we get a package nearly every day (hey, it’s a lot easier to shop online than take 3 crazy kids shopping). :)  Little Sister actually inspired this idea because we was always climbing and trying to stand on the boxes.


This is more of an activity than a craft, but I’m including it in our Craft Closet Boredom Busters because most of us have an extra box or two laying around and maybe a toddler or two lying around too. ;)


This balancing on boxes for toddlers activity is appropriate for little ones who have been walking for a while and are ready to attempt walking on uneven surfaces. Little Sister started walking at 10 1/2 months (my earliest walker) and is now 16 months old.




Lay the boxes on the grass in a stepping stone pattern, or you can put them all together to create a long uneven surface. Make sure you attempt this on the cross, or a padded surface, since your child is likely to fall.



Encourage your little one to explore the boxes, stand sit, or pick them up. Chances are that he/she will eventually climb on and attempt to stand on them.




Setting her sights on the next box…




She is proud of herself!



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