Book Club for Moms: Week 4

It’s the last week of reading Be the Mom! I hope you have enjoyed it as much as I have! A few people have asked which book we’ll be doing next and I think I am going to hold off for at least a month. After reading two books back-to-back, I think everyone might need a little breather! Plus, we haven’t had nearly as much discussion with this book club…so I’m not even sure if this is something that we should continue or not. Thoughts???

While you’re thinking on that, let’s jump right into this week’s reading!

Chapter 8:  They Say Mom Trap

I read this chapter on Thursday. Thursday was a VERY challenging day for me and I was left feeling like I “blew it” once again. I yelled at my kids and treated them like they were major inconveniences in my life (not the blessings and joys that they are). Nevermind the fact that they were defiant, disobedient, dishonest, and flushed the rubber splash guard from the little potty chair down the toilet…I was out of line. After all, I am the adult! When I read the words of Tracey’s on pages 130-132 and I was immediately burdened with a Godly-guilt. God knew my heart wasn’t right on this particular day and he used Tracey’s words as a very clear mirror. The following quote was also a great reminder, since I had just finished sharing my frustrations of the day (and motherhood in general) with a dear (and patient) friend of mine:

“The next time you find yourself surrounded by voices complaining about motherhood, be intentional about not joining in. Be the one who looks for the positive.” -p. 132

Oops…Tracey should have added not to instigate such conversations!!!

The remainder of the chapter was spent stressing the importance of choosing to listen’s to God’s way of living…not others self-proclaimed ways. The world will always promote selfishness, self-centeredness, busyness, and more “stuff” while God commands us to be selfLESS, content, and spend our time loving others and growing closer to Him. Deep down inside each of us, we KNOW what is best for our children and families. It’s just a matter of putting blinders on to the rest of the world (or even our friends who are making different decisions) and choosing our own path for our families that is in line with God’s teachings!

Chapter 9:  Be the Mom!

Every mom has those moments when we think about what could have happened in a certain scary situation. Tracey shares her story in this chapter. To my great despair, I know that many of you probably know how it feels to have the unthinkable actually happen. When we were in a car accident a year and a half ago, the top of our Toyota Camry was severed right up until about 4-5 inches of where Little Brother’s head was after our car slid under a semi. There have been so many times when I think about how we could have lost both of our children that icy night. It is not something I like to dwell on because it literally makes me sick to my stomach. But Tracey shares that she thinks these moments of reflection are a gift from God. They allow us to put things in perspective. When it comes to life or death, healthy or sick, disabled or whole…all the other “stresses” pale in comparison.

Throughout the remainder of the chapter, Tracey shares some suggestions for things we can do daily to be the moms that God has called us to be as well as encouragement for being the mom!


And that’s it! We finished it…together! I hope this book has been as much of a blessing to you as it has to me!!!


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Do you have any questions for the author? Leave a question in the comments and we’ll choose a few to have Tracey respond to in next week’s post!


What did you think about this week’s reading? Leave a comment or link up below!


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  1. I can’t wait to read it! Sounds like just the book I need. And I really like this book club. Both of the books were good picks. I think part of the problem with reading this book was that it is not currently at my local library (Indianapolis Public Libraries) though it is on order now. I think that may have been the problem others were having too.

  2. sounds fanastic – ordered my copy but still waiting for it. Was on back order at Amazon for a while.

    Don’t stop the book clubs, please.

  3. Two of my favorites are “Your child is unique, one of a kind, and designed for a specific purpose.” and “You should make it your mission to be a student of your children to determine what their gifts and talents are…)(p.136)
    I get a little overwhelmed thinking of the enormous responsibility of raising children and running out of time before I have “taught” them everything they need to know. I think prayer is my best ally. It calms my heart, gives me direction and includes God in the process. :)

  4. I hope you will continue to do book clubs – or at the least book reviews! I only just finished reading Cleaning House and it was A-MAZ-ING! Seriously, I considered buying extra copies just to be able to give them away so everyone I know would read it. I’m looking forward to trying out this one next. Thank you for putting in the work to have these book clubs.

  5. I second Kimberley K – just finished reading the Be the Mom and it was amazing – your book club inspired me to read it and Cleaning house is great too. Be the Mom is a book that I will keep going back to and will be buying for my friends. I have fallen into these traps at different times and I think I will continue to – hopefully not as often or for as long – catch myself before I get entrenched. A mom’s job is difficult and the world around doesn’t help. We live overseas in an expat bubble. I’m very thankful for the life we have and we can give our children but it is very secular and God is missing from their friend’s lives that it is a challenge to bring a godly perspective to their lives. It’s a constant effort to show them how God works in our lives. Thank you so much for your words of wisdom and encouragement.

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