Books about the Human Body

Books about the Human Body


We are diving headfirst into learning about the human body this summer (just for fun)! After our blood demonstration, the boys are especially intrigued! Here are some of our favorite books about the human body as well as some that were new to us!


The Amazing Human Machine

The Amazing Human Machine by Lori C. Froeb

We recently purchased this book at our library’s book fair and it has quickly become a new favorite in our house…partly because of the incredible content and partly because it comes with transparent interactive body system cards. The cards can be manipulated and placed on top of each other to see all of the systems together or they can be looked at one at a time to focus on each individual system. The information in the book is great for children in early elementary school and isn’t as overwhelming as some of the other books we reviewed.




My First Human Body Book

My First Human Body Book by Donald M. Silver & Patricia J. Wynn

Despite its colorful cover, this is actually a coloring book on the inside. It is filled with illustrations, diagrams, and interesting facts. This is a great option for children who enjoy coloring while wanting to learn about their bodies.




Toes, Ears, and Nose!

Toes, Ears, & Nose! by Marion Dane Bauer

This book is the perfect way to introduce body parts to babies and toddlers. In fact, this might be my favorite board book of all time! I can recite it in my sleep…and all the flaps have been taped (and some re-taped)! It is playful and fun…introducing each body part under a piece of clothing. “Inside my mittens, I’ve got fingers. Inside my boots, I’ve got toes. Under my hat are two ears. And beneath my scarf is a nose…”



First Human Body Encyclopedia

First Human Body Encyclopedia by DK

This reference book is filled with colorful pictures and facts about the human body. Every major body system is included (except the reproduction system…which I am totally fine with at this point) as well as some lesser-known facts. Our boys were especially intrigued with the part on allergies since Little Brother was recently diagnosed with some major allergies.

Magic Schoo Bus Inside the Human Body

The Magic School Bus Inside the Human Body by Joanna Cole

I remember reading and rereading this book when I was in elementary school…and then watching the video! This Magic School Bus book is a classic and one that every kid will enjoy! Miss Frizzle shrinks the bus and takes her class on yet another wild and wacky field trip. Arnold, one of the children in the class, swallows the school bus and the rest of the class takes a trip through Arnold’s body. They start in his stomach and go through his small and large intestines and even get a look at his heart. They miss a few body systems along the way, but traveling through the body in a school bus certainly makes for a fun ride. :)




The Human Body

The Human Body by Stacy Savran

This book is appropriate to be read aloud to children in late preschool or early elementary ages. Although the book itself is pretty short, it contains quite a bit of information. You might not be able to read in one sitting (depending on the attention span of your child). It includes real photos as well as sketched diagrams.

Me and My Amazing Body

Me and My Amazing Body by Joan Sweeney

This book is written by the same author (and in the same style) as Me on the Mapwhich is an excellent introduction to geography for young children. The same little girl is back and narrates the tour of her body (inside and out) and the illustrations are child-like drawings of the body parts and the body’s inner workings. This book is written to appeal to preschool and young school-aged children. The pages are short and concise and keep the attention of the reader while also including lots of fun facts. This is the perfect “body” book for preschoolers!

What's inside my body

What’s Inside My Body? by Angela Royston

This book is 17 pages long and is perfect for explaining how the body works in simple, easy-to-understand language. In my opinion, it is ideal for preschoolers who want to know more about their bodies. Each page talks about a different part of the body (head, eyes, ears, chest, stomach, legs & arms, and hands. The book includes pictures of real children with additional graphics to represent the body parts on each page.

From Head to toe

From Head to Toe by Eric Carle

I debated whether to include this book because it is not really about the human body specifically. Rather, the book identifies movements and noises from animals and shows how humans can do them too. The animal identifies itself and then states what it can do, then asking the child if he/she can do it (e.g. “I am a gorilla and I thump my chest. Can you do it? I can do it”). This book is a favorite at our house because the kids get to act it out while reading!

Why Do I have bones

Why Do I Have Bones? by Jo Cleland

This simple little book is perfect for toddlers and young preschoolers. Each page only contains 1 sentence (e.g. “I have bones in my hands”) and would be great for children just beginning to show an interest in their bodies (specifically their bones). It is a bit more difficult to find, but your local library might carry a copy.

I Wonder Why I Blink

I Wonder Why I Blink by Brigid Avison

This book is written in a question-and-answer format with lots of different questions about our bodies:  What makes me feel things? What is my skin for? What are goose bumps? How do I move? Why do I get hiccups? What is blood for? The answers are concise but thorough enough for young children. It is written in simple language that even preschoolers can understand. Overall, this is a great book for children who love to ask, “WHY?” :)

All About People

All About People by Scholastic

This book starts off by identifying people as mammals, discovering how we are each different, and then talks about each stage of our lives:  Babies/Toddlers, Young Children, School Children, Preteens, Teens, Young Adults, Mature Adults, and Older Adults. Each life stage is described within these pages. Throughout the book, however, it discusses the various systems of our bodies and pertinent information. This book definitely couldn’t be read in one sitting (it is 87 pages long), but it would be great as a reference book for younger school-aged children.


Body:  An Amazing Tour of Human Anatomy by Richard Walker

This book has amazing illustrations and incredible detail! It would be an excellent reference book for school-aged children wishing to learn more about the human body. The pages are filled with diagrams and computer-created illustrations of all systems of the body. The copy from our library came with a CD as well. This book would probably be overwhelming to preschoolers or young school-aged children, however, because there is so much detail included.

Outside In

Outside-In:  A Lift-the-Flaps Body Book

This book is a reprint of an older version and is perfect for preschoolers!

Have you read any of these books? Which one is your favorite?


  1. I needed this list. I have had such a hard time finding some. I do like “I love you nose. I Love you toes” for my 2-4yos. It’s never too early to promote a good self image.

  2. I sell Usborne Books and was pleased to see the See Inside your Body! It’s a great book, isn’t it! A close favorite of mine is Look Inside Your Body, similar to see inside, but for younger kids.

  3. Thanks for this list!! My toddler/preschooler is really interested in the body right now because I’m in nursing school. I was looking for an age friendly book to look at with her so we can learn together! I appreciate this!

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