Human Body Activities for Kids

Human Body Activities for Kids


The human body is marvelous, isn’t it? I am constantly in awe of the amazing creation that encompasses our bodies. Big Brother asked specifically to learn about the human body this summer and we have been having a blast. We have already shared a couple fun posts about the human body, but I thought it would be helpful to feature other human body activities for kids from around the web.


Activities and Models


What is blood made of  A hands-on science demonstration

Try out this hands-on demonstration to illustrate what blood is made of.





Life Size Body Map Art Project  ::  Pink and Green Mama




human heart model with a tennis ball

Demonstrate the Human Heart with a Tennis Ball  ::  Kids Activities Blog




X-ray play dough

Make a model of your skeleton with this X-Ray Playdough.




Lung Model

Make a model of the human lung  ::  Science Sparks




playdough brain model

Create a model of the brain with playdough ::  Science Sparks




Make a stethoscope

Make your own stethoscope  ::  Science Sparks




Human Anatomy Model

Felt Human Anatomy Model  ::  Fun at Home with Kids (via Teach Preschool)



Circulatory System Model

Create a model of the circulatory system  ::  Highhill Education

model of an eye

Make a model of an eye ::  Homeschool-Activities

why the human body needs muscles and bones

Demonstrate why we need both muscles and bones

Model of the backbone

Use pool noodles to make a model of the backbone ::  Spell Out Loud



Books about the Human Body

Books about the Human Body

My Body Puzzles

Hape Your Body Puzzles:  Perfect for preschoolers wanting to learn about their body systems!

Squishy Human Body

Squishy Human Body Model 


Our boys are obsessed with this life-like human model. They love to take the body apart and feel all of the various organs. My only complaint is that it is too hard for a 6-year old to put back together himself (which is probably why it is recommended for 8+), so I end up doing it.

Magic School Bus Human Body

Magic School Bus Human Body DVD

We have checked this DVD out from our library a couple different times and our boys LOVE it. And I love that they are learning about their bodies!


The Human Body App ($2.99) on the iPhone or iPad

This app is incredible. It shows each of the body’s systems separately and how they work. In the digestive system, you can feed the body and watch how the food is digested. In the nervous system, you can touch parts of your body and watch the touch travel to your brain.

Learn about the Human body

What activities or resources do you have to learn about the human body? Leave a link or comment below!



  1. What a great project! Thanks for sharing. We were looking for information on the digestive system and next month my son wants to study the skeletal system. This is perfect!

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