Dinosaur D

Alphabet crafts are so much fun…especially when they are based upon your child’s current interests. This “Dinosaur D” craft adds an extra element of texture–true to a dinosaur’s skin!

My nephews and niece (who are triplets) came over this morning and we made Dinosaur D’s! I had all the first several steps already done so the kids just painted their D’s and added the spikes.

Here’s what you’ll need to make a Dinosaur D with your little one (you could also use this for Dragon D’s too):  cardstock or thin cardboard, bubble wrap, paint, construction paper.

*UPDATE:  I would NOT recommend  using tempera paint as it has a tendency to flake off the bubble wrap once it has dried. Try using acrylic instead (just make sure to put a paint shirt on your child). 

1. Trace the letter “D” on cardstock and cut out.

2. Use the “D” that has already been cut out to trace another “D” on bubble wrap (the smaller the bubbles, the better). Cut the bubble wrap “D” out.

3. Glue the bubble wrap onto the cardstock.

4. Cut out some spiney spikes out of construction paper.
4. Have your little one use a paintbrush to paint the bubble wrap their favorite dinosaur color!

5. After the D’s have dried, put some glue on the bottom flap of the spikes and place the “D” on top.

I love this alphabet craft because it is also 3-dimensional! Add some magnetic tape to the back and it would make a great refrigerator magnet.

Literature Link
The Dinosaur Alphabet Book (Jerry Pallotta's Alphabet Books)
The Dinosaur Alphabet Book by Jerry Pallotta and Ralph Masiello

Alphabet books are great for helping preschoolers learn the letter names and sounds! This book has a dinosaur for every letter of the alphabet (which I unfortunately had great trouble pronouncing). :)  There is a lot of text in this book, so I would recommend just going through the pages, saying the letter name and emphasizing the letter sound as you say the name of the dinosaur (good luck).

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