Easy Fall Pen/Pencil Toppers

These festive fall pen/pencil toppers were SUPER easy and lots of fun to make. We picked up some fall-themed foam stickers that were on clearance at Jo Ann’s, but we also made our own pumpkins as well.

This idea came from the membership office at our local zoo. I had to go in there last week (because I lost my pass) and saw a version of these homemade pen toppers. It’s amazing where you can find inspiration of fun crafts to do with your kids!

Here’s what you’ll need:  pipe cleaners (which we received compliments of CraftProjectIdeas.com), foam stickers (or foam sheets), and pens/pencils.



 1. Wrap the pipe cleaner tightly around the pen. Make a circle at the top by connecting the end.


 2. Peel the backing off one of the foam stickers…


 …and attach it to the end of the pipe cleaner.


3. Add the identical foam sticker to the top, making a sticker sandwich. :)




4. If you want to make your own design, fold over a piece of foam (or even paper) and cut two identical shapes.


5. Add your embellishments.


6. Attach to the pipe cleaner with strong glue. I would suggest using a paper clip to hold it together until the glue dries.


Ready to be used!





These would be great to keep around the house or to give to teachers and/or friends!


  1. These look like something my kids would love to make! We already have the pipe cleaners.

    On another note, I am so happy this came through my inbox this morning. You see, I lost my license a few days ago. When you mentioned the zoo, I remembered that I put it my camera bag when we went to the zoo last weekend.

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