Fruit Pizza Cupcakes

If you are a fan of traditional fruit pizza, you will be delighted with these little fruit pizza cupcakes! I made these for Prince Charming’s 30th birthday party that we had with both of our families. To my great satisfaction, there were some leftover that I have been sneaking for my “breakfast” several mornings this week. Hey… It has fruit in it, so it must be healthy, right?!?! ;)

And there is an extra layer that you may not have had in other fruit pizzas…Cool Whip sandwiched between 2 layers of fruit!

Download and print the entire recipe here.

To save time and effort, I just used Pillsbury Refrigerated Sugar Cookie Dough. I don’t normally like this type of sugar cookie by itself or with icing (I would much rather have our World’s Best Sugar Cookies), but it tastes SUPERB as the shell for our Fruit Pizza Cupcakes and is sturdy enough to hold everything together!


1. Slice off 1/2 inch of dough from the refrigerated cookie dough. Place each dough slice on a cupcake pan turned upside down. (Tip:  I actually found the dough to “run” more evenly if you make a ball with the dough first and then put the ball on top of the upside down cookie sheet.)


2. Bake at 350 degrees for 12-16 minutes (or until golden and firm to the touch). This is longer than the instructions on the dough packaging tells you because you’ll want the cookie cupcake shell to be somewhat hard to keep its shape.


3. Carefully, ever so carefully, remove the cookie  from the upside down cupcake pan (I had 3 out of the 26 that ended up falling apart during this step).


 Beautiful cookie shells!


 4. Mix 1 8oz. package of softened cream cheese with 1/2 cup of powdered sugar and 1 tsp. vanilla.


5. Use a spoon or spatula to spread the mixture into the shells.


 6. Wash and cut up your fruit–we used fresh strawberries, pineapple, and blueberries.


 7. Place your first row of fruit on top of the cream cheese mixture.


8. Add a dollop of cool whip to each cupcake, spread evenly, and then top with another layer of fruit!







Now if you’ll excuse me, I think one of these babies is calling my name for an afternoon snack!



  1. These sound VERY tasty and I’m looking forward to trying them. Just a helpful tip from another similar recipe I make… You can just roll small balls of dough from the tube sugar cookies and put them in the mini muffin pan “right side up.” Don’t flatten the balls, they will bake down on their own. Then use a Pampered Chef mini tart shaper to “stamp” the dough down IMMEDIATELY when you take it out of the oven. (After they cool I usually fill them with frosting and the taste is similar to those Mrs. Field’s cookie cake/pie things.) They will turn out very uniformly and aren’t difficult to get out of the pan at all.

    Thanks for sharing the recipe!

    1. Jennifer, Thanks for sharing how you make your cookie cups ~ I think I’m going to try your way and I even have the Pampered Chef tart maker!

  2. I was very excited to try this but when I did it was a disaster for me! All my cookies got stuck to the cupcake tray :( any tips for getting these off the tray? Should I remove them fresh out of the oven. I did wait a few minutes.

  3. Tried making tonight- no luck with getting the cookie dough to spread evenly down the upside down cupcake pan. Disaster. Not one turned out despite rolling the dough in balls. I am going to try again but use a pie plate and make one big one.

  4. Just remade them and have problem solved. I baked the sugar cookie dough ball in the correct side of the cupcake tin- (right side up). When they were starting to brown ( aprox 15-17 minutes with convect oven), I pulled them out and used a small jar to push down the dough or make the indentation. Actually a .25 ounce plastic spice container was the perfect size to fit inside a standard cupcake tin. I let them cool for 5 minutes and then gently knocked them out. Perfectly done and shaped. TY for the recipe!

  5. In your ingredient list it says 1 cup of powdered sugar, but when you add the powdered sugar to the cream cheese, it says to add 1/2 cup of the powdered sugar. What do you do with the other 1/2 cup of powdered sugar.

  6. Doesn’t work. Waste of time and money. Put your dough inside the mini muffin tins NOT on the outside. Runs everywhere and makes a HUGE mess!

  7. Baking the sugar cookies on the bottom of the pan didn’t work at all for me – I went through a whole batch trying them 4 or 5 different ways and they always ran all over the place. However, putting a small ball of the dough inside each muffin mold, baking it until brown around the edges, and then immediately indenting with a melon baller worked PERFECTLY, and everyone loved the recipe!

  8. I bought 2 rolls of the cookie dough in anticipation of this not working too well. And I am glad I did. I put them inside the muffin tin and many broke when I took them out after they cooled. Then I tried the “upside down” method. Bad idea! THAT was even a bigger disaster. Then my husband suggested I use paper muffin cups put in the muffin tin first. Problem solved! They stayed together perfectly when adding the filling and the fruit. They did not fall apart when they were eaten and the paper made them look even prettier! Sometimes I hate it when he’s right! :) I hope this tip works for you!!

  9. It really helps that you all wrote the pros and cons about using this recipe. I still have one question: what is the yield of cups? 12 regular sized ones? 24 mini ones? Baking them tomorrow, so I may not get the answer by then…

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