Gift Idea for Dads and Moms

I love giving and receiving gifts that include a child’s handprint or footprint. This particular gift idea is also a great reminder for any parent that our children look to us as their example, spiritually, emotionally and physically. This is true for both parents, but especially the parent who is the same gender as the child.

The words above the footprints say, “Following in your footsteps.”

Here’s what you’ll need: a frame that holds an 8×10 picture (or more if you have multiple children), a piece of decorative scrapbook paper, a piece of plain coordinating-colored paper, paint, scrapbook letter stickers (or you can type it out) and willing little feet.

1. Cut your piece of scrapbook paper down to 8″x10″ (if it isn’t already).

2. Carefully paint the bottom of your child’s feet and stick them down onto the paper lying on the floor. This is tricky and you might recruit a friend or neighbor to help!

3. Trim the paper that you have your child’s footprint on to 5×7. If they are too far apart or too large (like mine), just cut them out and glue them onto another 5×7 piece of paper.

4. Add your stickers that say “Following in your footsteps” and your child’s name at the bottom.

5. Place in the frame.

Right now these frames are hanging on our mantle, only because this not-so-smart girl forgot to look on the back of the frames I bought to make sure they had the metal hanger. They don’t. So now we have to wait to hang them up until we can make a trip to Lowe’s. Eventually they will reside on the wall of our bathroom (one of the many walls that are still bare in our house).


I wish I would have done coordinating scrapbook paper instead of the exact same. Oh well!




  1. Love it! I paint my kids' feet every March Fourth as a reminder of how they big they are, now I can do something with it besides file it away!

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