Father’s Day Handprint Poem

Handprint Work Gloves and Poem for Father's Day

Father’s Day Handprint Poem

My husband is one of the hardest working people I know. I remember marveling at his ability to pretty much fix anything when we were first married. Although he wears a suit and tie to work each day, he is always working around/outside the house or agreeing to help a friend. Because of this, and because there are plans for a wooden launchpad to be made this summer for our backyard zip line, I thought these cute Handprint Work Gloves and Father’s Day handprint poem would make the perfect practical yet sentimental Father’s Day gift.


Handprint Work Gloves and Poem for Father's Day


You can download the free printable poem here (with a wood background) or you can copy and paste and print it out on your own. I just ask that if you choose to share the poem elsewhere, please credit and link this post. :)

Father’s Day Poem

“Your hands are tough and strong
They work hard every day
To take care of our family
In oh-so-many ways.


With your hands you labor
And provide for all our needs.
But your hands are never too busy
To stop and do good deeds.


Your hands are there to help
To catch me when I fall
To hug, tickle, and embrace
You answer every call.


I love to hold your hand
To feel your fingers cover mine
I feel so safe and loved
Every single time.


And when you place my hand in yours
And lead me in a prayer
I see my Savior’s love in you,
I know and feel his care.”

© 2016 ICanTeachMyChild.com


Download the printable version of this Father’s Day poem here.

Father’s Day Handprint Art

Here’s what you’ll need for this gift:


Handprint Work Gloves and Poem for Father's Day

Father’s Handprint

The instructions are pretty simple… just use the foam brush to paint the hand of your oldest child (using acrylic paint only…other types of paints won’t work) and carefully place on top of the glove, pushing their fingers gently down into the glove.

You might need something to hold the thumb of the glove down as it has a tendency to want to fold over on itself. Let each handprint dry before adding the next smaller handprint!

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Handprint Work Gloves and Poem for Father's Day


Why not add an engraved hammer (in your child’s handwriting) to complete the gift!


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This post was first published 2016.


  1. I would love to do this in my Sunday School Class. Do you mind? The last verse in the poem is perfect! What a great idea!

  2. Can I ask you what kind of paint you used for the gloves? I am assuming that washable paint would not work for this type of project. Thank you for sharing! This is such a cute idea.

    1. I’d like to know as well, about the marker for the names. Seeing this poem made me cry, what a sweet gift! Thanks for the idea!

    2. Yes, just a Sharpie! :) I originally thought my husband would still use these work gloves even though they have the kids handprints on them…but I think he is a wee bit sentimental and doesn’t want to wear their handprints away by using them!

  3. This is such a cute idea! My husband and I are big fans of Dave Ramsey and are all about budget friendly gifts! Since my daughter is 8 months old, I was hesitant if it would work out at first, but she was curious enough about the paint that she was cooperative! I had a bowl of water nearby to quickly dunk hand / remove paint before she had a chance to “taste” it haha – Only problem is- they turned out so cute and I’m afraid the paint will wear off if my husband uses them to work in! What are your thoughts? Maybe I should just put the gloves in a shadow box with the poem for his workshop? Thanks for any advice you can give me!

  4. I am half way through this project for my husband’s birthday this week! I am about to print the poem, but not sure who to say the author is. Did you write it?

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