Father’s Day Gift: "The Tie that Binds" Shadowbox

Prince Charming wears a tie to work everyday. I thought this would be a cute gift for him to put in his office featuring a few of the ties he never wears!
Here’s what you’ll need:  a 10×10 shadowbox ($11.00 after using a 40% coupon), 3 ties, scrapbook paper, scissors, and a picture of your children with their Daddy (or Grandpa).

I found these ties at Target in the dollar section, marked down to $0.30. I only ended up using one. If you don’t have any ties to use, stop by Goodwill or a garage sale.

These are two from Prince Charming’s closet. Isn’t the one on the right adorable??? That was his Father’s Day present from 2 years ago, personalized with Big Brother’s picture. He wore it once and upon asking why he never wore it again, he equated it in the same category as sporting an “I love my Golden Retriever” t-shirt. My feelings are still hurt to this day!

1. Print off a 4×6 picture on photo paper (or send it to Walgreens, Target, etc).

2. Mount on a piece of scrapbook paper and cut out. I also printed off the saying “a tie that binds” and mounted it as well.

3. Arrange your ties on another piece of scrapbook paper, cut to fit inside the shadowbox. I just used the thin cardboard that was already in there and added some scrapbook paper on top. (You may notice there are 4 ties in this picture…I removed one because it just looked too busy.)

4. Place your picture and your “a tie that binds” saying face-down into the shadowbox, with double-stick tape on the back. Carefully place the scrapbook paper with the ties on it on top.

5. Stick all the ends of the ties in the shadowbox and scrunch down. Add the back.

All done!

If this idea doesn’t float your boat, how about this one???
PS- Prince Charming was instructed not to look at the blog today…so if he is reading this he will be in big trouble! ;)


  1. Totally love it! And love, love, love your site! I'm a homeschooling mom who just needed some inspiration. I am so happy you blog these!

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