The Little Squeegy Bug {Book & Activity}

We stumbled upon this adorable fable at our local library. Big Brother has wanted to read it over and over and over again! The story starts out with the little squeegy bug, who was having trouble finding his place in the world. He meets a bumblebee and desperately wants beautiful silver wings and a stinger. The bumblebee tells him he must climb to the top of the cattail to reach the sky in order to get his silver wings. On his way, a summer thunderstorm scares him and he ends up bunking with an Old Caterpillar. Old Caterpillar takes Squeegy to see the Spider, who spins some silver wings just for him. Instead of giving him a stinger that hurts people, he reaches in the nighttime sky and pulls down a star for Squeegy, who is now the Lamplighter of the Sky! Now little Squeegy has a purpose AND a name!

The Little Squeegy Bug
The Little Squeegy Bug by Bill Martin and Michael Sampson
After reading this book, I remembered this firefly activity from No Time for Flashcards and wanted to make it with Big Brother. The only problem was…I couldn’t find neon bandaids anywhere. So we improvised with a highlighter and some blank mailing labels!
Here’s what you’ll need:  dark blue or black construction paper, blank return address mailing labels (or just paper and glue), a highlighter, and a silver crayon.

1. Let your child color 2 return address mailing labels gray (or silver) and one with a highlighter.

2. Make an “x”.

3. Add the highlighted label.

We made this a card (for who, however, is TBD). You could do the same if you want to.
4. Add googly eyes, antennae, and stars!
Now for the most important question…is it “lightning bug” or “firefly” in your house??? ;)


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