Mess Free Painting for Toddlers & Babies

Little Brother held a paint brush for the very first time today! I originally found this idea over at Family Fun and knew it would be a hit for all of us. I LOVE that it is mess free painting and the boys both enjoyed making designs on the chalkboards!

(This post was first published February 2011. Last updated 2018.)

mess free painting
I just love his face in this picture!

Mess Free Painting For A Toddler or Baby

Here’s what you’ll need:  a chalkboard, paintbrush, and water! I didn’t have a chalkboard, so I just used some chalkboard spray paint I had on hand and sprayed the back of some dry-erase boards I had.


Just dip the paintbrush in some water, give it to your child(ren) and let them get started making designs on the chalkboard! (I would keep the water away and only let them dip their brushes in when they get dry.)

mess free painting


Big Brother loved this most of all…he got upset when he had painted his completely and there wasn’t any left to paint! Little Brother wasn’t really all that interested.


Here is Little Brother’s design!

This mess free “painting” activity is excellent for the following two reasons:

1. Paint doesn’t get all over the floor when the brush is inevitably dropped.


2. No paint in the mouth…even when the masterpiece is licked!

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  1. I love these simple ideas that work for even our littlest ones. Thanks again for all you do to inspire the rest of us! :o)

  2. So fun!!! If you can get outside, you can also "paint" the wooden fence! The water makes it darker but as it dries may need to be painted again! ;)

  3. Funny, when I was young, I used to love helping my teacher erase the blackboard coz I would always use a wet rug. I never imagined this would someday be art to younger kids :)

  4. Painting with water is favorite at our home. We do it on chalkboard thou! Love this.

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