Painting Fireworks with Straws

Painting Fireworks with Straws for the 4th of July


We had lots of fun painting fireworks with straws! I’ve been wanting to try this technique since first seeing these cute monsters from Raising Sparks. It was definitely a hit with the boys, so I think we’ll be doing it again!


Here’s what you’ll need:  Glitter glue, card stock, aluminum foil, a permanent marker, and a straw (not pictured).






1. Cover a piece of card stock with aluminum foil. Color the entire paper with a black permanent marker.

Optional:  You can use black construction paper, it just won’t be as vibrant as the colored aluminum foil.


Painting Fireworks with Straws

2. Add your glitter glue. We found it was best to make a starburst shape. Then use the straw to blow the paint to look like fireworks!



3. Add more colors to make a beautiful fireworks display!





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