Fun Father’s Day Shirt For Dad

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Customized Father’s Day Shirt For Dad

The thing my husband loves to do the most in life is play with his boys. The minute he gets home, they are normally wrestling on the living room floor while I finish up dinner. Keeping that in mind, I thought it would be fun to make him a “play shirt”, which combines two great ideas from two other blogs:  A target on the front (from Celebrate Every Day with Me) and a car track on the back on the shirt (from Design Dazzle).


How To Make A Personalized Father’s Day T Shirt

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • a white t-shirt
  • fabric markers
  • red and white fabric
  • sewing machine (Optional:  you could just draw the target on the front of the shirt with fabric markers).

Step By Step Instructions:

trace a circle onto the red fabric

1. Trace circles from your fabric. I used a dinner plate, salad plate, and large cup. Cut the largest and smallest from the red fabric and the medium-sized circle from the white fabric.


trace 2 circles

pin and sew the fabric circles together

2. Pin the circles on top of each other and sew.

sew the target to the shirt

3. Pin the target onto the front of the shirt. Make sure you pin it only on the first layer of fabric.


 4. Carefully sew around the perimeter of the target onto the front layer of the shirt only.


 All done with the front! This Father’s Day shirt now has a fun target on it.


draw a car track on the shirt

 5. Turn the shirt over and draw a car track on the back of the shirt. I didn’t use a pattern (which I probably should have), I just made it up as I went along and used a Sharpie.

6. Let your little helpers use the fabric markers to add some color to the shirt. Ask your child to help you think of other places to add to the shirt.


coloring a Father's Day shirt


showing off Dad's shirt

The front of our Father’s Day shirt:  Perfect for aiming flying objects like angry bird plush toys, water balloons, and Nerf darts.


 The back of the Father’s Day shirt:  Perfect for a quick back massage using matchbox cars!


Helping The Fatherless

As we prepare to celebrate Father’s Day with the Dads in your life, I would ask that you would consider helping the fatherless. Click on the link to donate just $10 to my friend Meagan and her incredible work in Zambia!


First published June 2012.


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