Quick & Healthy Snack Ideas for Kids

Looking for a few quick and healthy snack ideas for kids? Here are a few of our current favorites! Rest assured they are SUPER easy (otherwise, I wouldn’t be making them). :)


Snack #1:  Frozen Blueberry Yogurt Bites

This is officially Little Brother’s favorite snack! He loves these little bites! I made them two different ways, as you’ll see below. The second way was definitely easier (and they look sort of like googly eyes). :)

All you need are blueberries and yogurt (we used vanilla-flavored Greek yogurt).


 Method #1:  Put some yogurt in a bowl and dump a few berries in…


 …use your fingers to remove the blueberries.


 Put the coated blueberries on a plate covered with waxed paper and freeze.


Method #2 (recommended):  Put 1/2 cup of yogurt in a sealable plastic bag. Snip the corner.


 Make several yogurt dots on the waxed paper…


 …and then put a blueberry on top of each yogurt dot.


Freeze for a couple hours.


Frozen and ready to eat! Thanks to this winning combination, they are tart and slightly sweet!

Snack #2:  Apple Spirals with a Peanut Butter Core


Behold, the greatest kitchen gadget ever. The boys and I got one of these Apple Peeler, Corer & Slicer for Prince Charming for his birthday and it is amazing. I don’t get too worked up about most kitchen gadgets, but this one is really cool!


Put the bottom of the apple into the spokes…


…and let your child turn the handle. Voila! That’s it!


This was a very small Pink Lady apple. It works even better with slightly larger apples (and potatoes, apparently).




Put a glob of peanut butter in the core.


 Peanut Butter and apples have never been easier!

If you want to pack this in a lunch without it getting brown, just rub a little bit of lemon juice over the peeled apple!



“Look, Mommy! It’s a C!”






Snack #3:  String Cheese Octopus


I normally don’t get into themed lunch/snack ideas. I figure that there are way too many kids around the world who have nothing to eat, my children don’t need a lunch that looks like the latest cartoon character. However, this is just way too simple not to share (FYI:  I normally don’t even draw a face on the octopus…I just make the eight tentacles and call it good).

Split the string cheese into 8 sections on one end. Pull a little more than halfway up.


To draw the face, use a toothpick to make the shape…


…and then use a tiny bit of mustard (or ketchup) to fill in!



What is your child’s favorite snack???


  1. I love all three of these ideas. So easy and yet, so unique. Please share more! I am challenged in the kitchen and have four growing kids that never seem to stop eating!

  2. Slightly off topic here, but can you tell me what fonts you used above for “Quick & Healthy” and “Snack Ideas”? I’m making some posters and love both of those. Thanks for all that you do!

  3. Love the ideas. I look all over the internet for easy ideas for snacks for the daycare that we sponsor here at my work., so that we can give the children the healthiest snack options. thank you so much.

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