Recommended By You: Family-Friendly Board Games

Board games are an excellent learning tool for preschoolers. Not only do many of them include aspects of cognitive development (one-to-one correspondence, number recognition, etc), but they also teach social skills like taking turns and being a good sport when losing. Unless there is at least a little bit of competition every now and then, children will miss out on the opportunity to learn the valuable skill of losing with grace.
I recently asked Facebook readers what their favorite board game to play as a family is. I found this list extremely helpful, as we are thinking about starting a family game night each week once Little Brother is old enough to participate. Here are just a few of the favorites mentioned here:
Zobmondo Entertainment The Ladybug Game
The Ladybug Game was designed by a six year old, so it’s pretty easy to understand . We’ve been playing it with our 4 yo since she was in her late twos or early threes. We highly recommend it.” -Eric

Pressman Toys The Best of Charades for Kids

Charades for kids … is so different from other traditional board games … it’s a whole different level of thinking for them … they look at their card (pictures for non-readers so good for even 3/4 yr old kids) then have to think how to communicate that picture (object/animal/action) to the others playing without using words, only mime and noises. My 3 yr old daughter laughs and cheers hysterically for every right answers and my 4 year old loves it too!” -Susan

Chutes and Ladders

This is one of Big Brother’s favorites, though it tends to drive me insane. It lasts forever, much like adult-Monopoly, but is still really fun. :)

University Games Super Why ABC Letter Preschool Game

“Super why works on teaching the alphabet, reading, rhyming, and spelling. I accredit this game for Hunter starting to read.” -Mercedes

Connect 4

“My kiddos are still pretty young, but Cootie is a game my 4yo understands.” -Lee

Eric Carle Games and Puzzles System - Today is Monday
I like playing games with my daughter because the Eric carle game not only helps her to learn the days of the week, but also taking turns and following directions.” -Alison

Uno Card Game

And of course….

See other games mentioned here. What games does your family enjoy playing together?


  1. Cooties and Candy Land are what we have attempted to play with our 17-month-old and 3-year-old. Still working on the whole Taking Turns thing. :)

  2. We also enjoy Sequence for Kids (3 and up), Blink (4 and up – its so nice and quick) and Rat a Tat Cat (5 and up).

  3. :-) Woo hoo, my suggestion was mentioned! Lol! Lots of great ideas from that question on facebook – thanks for the suggestions from everyone.

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