Shape Hunt and Sort

After using the painter’s tape yesterday for our walk the line toddler activity, I decided to “recycle” the tape for an activity for Big Brother as well. I just tore strips of tape and arranged them into 4 shapes:  a triangle, square, rectangle, and a circle.


The circle was slightly difficult. I just took a long piece of tape and connected the two ends together while I held it in the air. Then I laid the tape on its side and attempted (as best as I could) to create a circle shape. After that I pressed the tape down on the ground. Big Brother informed me that it looked more like an octagon. He was exactly right, but we forged ahead…pretending that it was, in fact, a circle!


Next, go on a hunt around the house to find objects that can go inside of each shape on the floor! This was Big Brother’s favorite part…he worked for over 30 minutes finding shapes!


This was not only a fun hands-on approach to learning about shapes, but it also allowed for more discussion on how many sides each shape has, which shapes had an equal number of sides, and what the differences were between the rectangle and square.

We’ll definitely be doing this activity again…perhaps with more complex shapes next time (all the -gons, for example).

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