Simple Tree Bark Boats

Simple Tree Bark Boats


One of our favorite things that we did on our vacation to the mountains was hanging out by the river. The boys love throwing rocks and getting their feet wet in the icy-cold water. A random finding of bark on the ground led to this impromptu lesson involving building simple tree bark boats. The boys were intrigued and insisted on building boat after boat after boat!

Here’s what you’ll need:  pieces of loose tree bark, sticks, leaves or grasses (for the sail) and maybe a rock or two.



1. Gather your bark. The area where we stayed has lost many of its pine trees due to the dreaded mountain pine beetle, so there is an excess of chopped wood (and bark).




Big Brother found his perfect piece!




 2. Use a small stick to poke a hole into the bark (it helps if it is wet and softened). Tie some grass or leaves to the top to make the sail.




Big Brother with his sail boat and 1 passenger (a rock). :)




Ready for the cast off!




Into the water and…




…off it goes!








Little Brother had to get in on the action…his “boat” looks like a beach scene and actually floated the best out of all of them!









This post just goes to show how any moment can be a learning opportunity if we take the time to seize it!

What impromptu learning can you and your child seize today???


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