Snowy Sight Words

We’re starting a brand-new thematic unit…SNOW! Regardless of whether we have any white stuff on the ground outside here, we are going to enjoy snow, snowflakes, and even snowmen for the next few weeks.

To kick off our new thematic unit, we decided to make some snowy sight words (go here if you don’t know what ‘sight words’ are). Big Brother is still a little young for sight words (4 years old in 2 weeks), but I thought I would introduce two sight words a week to start. This week, we are starting with “the” and “and”.

Here’s what you’ll need:  some fake snow (I bought my bag in the clearance section at Target for 59 cents, but you could also use sugar), blue paper, a marker, and glue!


1. Cut a piece of blue construction paper in half and write the sight words on the paper using a marker.

2. Let your child trace over the letters using a bottle of glue.

3. Sprinkle the glue with the fake snow.

4. Let the glue dry.

After we made our snowy sight words, we read several books together. While reading, I would point to one of these words and ask him to identify the word. I’ll be hanging these words on our refrigerator this week so that he can be reminded of the new words he learned!

Looking for more sight words activities? Try making your own sight word bingo game.


  1. How neat. We just used shave cream ” snow” to practice our names, shapes, and to draw faces. Fun at the art table or in the tub!

  2. I think I will use some shredded coconut left over from holiday baking with my 18 mo old and just do designs or a shape or the letter of his name. Your ideas get me thinking!

  3. Hi! I too am a former 1st grade teacher now SAHM who is loving teaching my preschoolers at home! I LOVE your blog! I am your newest follower on GFC! I am totally going to do this activity in the next 2 weeks during our winter/snow themed weeks. Thanks for sharing and writing such an amazing blog!

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