Soft and Sweet Baby Girl Nursery

baby girl nursery


Baby Sister’s nursery is finally finished and ready for her upcoming arrival! I had so much fun decorating a girl’s nursery, especially since we spent very little money by utilizing things we already had, buying used, and borrowing from family. I am so happy with the way it turned out!

Prince Charming was quite perplexed when I told him I wanted to paint our little girl’s nursery blue. But he graciously went along with my idea…and my friend Kristen let us borrow a sample of Valspar’s “Bashful”. I immediately loved its airy softness on the wall and we color-matched our paint at Sherwin Williams.



I am borrowing the crib from my mom. I bought the bumper, matching quilt, and pillow at a garage sale 4 1/2 years ago when I was pregnant with Little Brother and didn’t know if the baby was a boy or girl. It’s been in our storage room ever since. :)  My mom found the tulle ballerina crib skirt from Pottery Barn. The scalloped rug is from Target.


This quilt, which coordinates perfectly with the bedding we already have, adds just a hint of blue. We will most likely remove the bumper once baby girl arrives, but since I already had it with the other bedding from the garage sale, I decided to go ahead and put it up for now.


I ordered baby girl’s name from Etsy and then found a panoramic mountain painting at our local Goodwill. I was skeptical whether it would end up looking okay, but I removed the painting and Prince Charming painted the frame white. It looks exactly like I was hoping it would!




I bought the glider from a friend of mine and had the cushions recovered. We painted the end table from another room in our house and my sister found the sweet lamp with scalloped lamp shade. A sweet friend made a cute doily banner for our baby shower that I’m hoping to hang up behind the glider.



My sister-in-law painted the boy’s old dresser for us (Sherwin William’s “Snowbound”) and we added new  glass acrylic knobs that look like glass that we bought at Lowes. The lamp is from the same garage sale where I bought the crib bedding 4 1/2 years ago. :)



We used “vintage” dresses to decorate above the changing table. The two dresses on the ends were mine when I was a baby and the dress in the center was my grandma’s. To hang the dresses, I bought unfinished wooden plaques from JoAnn’s for about 49 cents a piece. We painted them and then added the same knobs that we used for the dresser.




Prince Charming built this adorable dollhouse bookshelf. He did such an amazing job! Go here for the tutorial!








 The baby shoes were mine when I was a baby and the “darling baby” embroidery hoop was from a tiny pillowcase I found at my grandma’s house. I ordered the ABC print from Little Belle Design’s Etsy shop.




 The quilt was given to us from my grandma at our wedding and the tea set was hers as well.





Apart from some pictures of our sweet girl once she arrives, her nursery is pretty much done! There isn’t much on the walls, but I actually kind of like it that way. I’m becoming more of a minimalist with each passing day! :)




  1. It looks amazing! I’m very impressed by the dollhouse bookshelf. I look forward to the tutorial. I also love how you incorporated so many of your childhood things into the room. How special.

  2. I find it really amazing. And adorable. The best thing for me is that you’ve added your family history to your precious one’s room.

  3. Love, love the dollhouse bookcase. The light blue goes really well with the pink. Great job! Our nursery is still mostly empty…most everything is set up in our room for baby’s first few months.

  4. Very sweet little room! I am DYING to see the tutorial for the dollhouse bookcase!! My twin girls need one (or two) of them ASAP!

  5. Love the nursery. I love the walls. I did the same for my girl. It’s really adds to the feel of the room without the overload on pink everywhere…and now your pink accents look great. I just removed my doll house and memorabilia because she is walking at 11 months and pretty pretty pretty ends up all over the floor! Congratulations!

  6. Love all these beautiful pics!
    When you ordered the Alphabet print, did you print it out at home or at a store? What kind of paper did you use?
    Thanks… :-)

  7. It’s all so beautiful. And I love that you used things you had or for cheap. I am in the process of redoing my boy/girl twins rooms. His will be a sophicated Star Wars (no cartoon sheets or anything) it’s Pottery Barn inspired without the price tag. And my daughter wants a Paris room. I saw these gorgous white ruffled curtains that retail from $100 or $200 per panel!!!! Then i was at T.J.Max and saw white ruffled shower curtain from the same designer!!! $19.99. My friend and I got two and are using them as curtains!!! Got to love creativity!

  8. I love the wall color! By chance do you have the name of the paint you purchased at Sherwin-Williams? THANKS! :)

    1. Yes, I bought it from Oh Dier Living:

      I will say, however, that if you get two separate names (like I did) and want them side-by-side, you need to adamantly tell him this in your instructions. If you look closely on the photo, you will see that “grace” is actually smaller than “calla”. It really bugged me at first, but he wasn’t willing to remake them unless I repurchased them at a discounted price. I didn’t think that was quite fair since I tried to explain what I wanted…but I guess I didn’t do it thoroughly enough. I decided just to live with the names how they are rather than spending the extra expense. :)

  9. Hello,

    I just love your baby girl’s nursery. Everything looks beautiful!!! I was wondering, what brand is the crib sheet, bumper, quilt and pillow?

    Thank you!

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