The Tiny Seed: Literature-Based Activity Kit

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The Tiny Seed literature-based activity kit from Ivy Kids

Ivy Kids is a literature-based monthly subscription kit that comes packed with about a dozen ready-made activities based around the common theme of the book for the month (which is also included). This is truly a wonderful resource, especially for busy moms who don’t have the time to prepare such thoughtful, well-planned, creative, educational activities for their kids. Everything you need is included (even the book). These kits truly make life easier and WAY more fun for parents and kids alike!


April’s Ivy Kids Monthly Activity Kit is based upon The Tiny Seed by Eric Carle. This Ivy Kids box was chock full of awesome seed and plant-related activities!




The domains of Early Childhood development explored in this Ivy Kids kit includes:

  • Language Development
    • Reading aloud
    • Recalling details from a story
  • Cognitive Development
    • Sorting and classifying
    • Making observations
    • Comparing and contrasting
    • Counting
    • Cause-and-effect
    • Parts of a Flower
  • Fine Motor
    • Painting
    • Planting small seeds
  • Social/Emotional Development
    • Playing a cooperative game with a sibling or friend







Little Brother thought exploring the seeds with his magnifying glass was pretty great. He also loved getting to plant his very own flowers.










This board game is lots of fun and simultaneously teaches both the things that benefit a plant (sunlight, water, and fresh air) and also those things that can harm a plant (insects, people stomping on them, etc).




You simply can’t have a garden without birds! Instead of eating the seeds that you plant, offer them seeds in their very own birdhouse. Little Brother enjoyed assembling and painting this birdhouse.







Finally, we created a parts of the seed diagram!








Again, EVERY SINGLE THING needed for ALL of these activities (from seeds and soil to paint and glue) is included in this box, just like every other box that arrives monthly.


We love Ivy Kids not only because of the amazing and developmentally-appropriate activities, but also because it takes the burden off of parents. Instead of having to think of activities (or search for them), plan for the activities, prepare the materials, and then actually do them throughout the month, all you have to do is open the box and start having fun while learning and playing with your child! It doesn’t get better (or simpler) than that!



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If you are unable to commit to receiving a kit every month (due to time or budget) or if you want to buy a kit to give as a gift, you can also buy individual kits from the store (including this kit based on The Tiny Seed). We have had the amazing opportunity of receiving kits for the following books and they are ALL amazing:  Jump Frog Jump, Mouse Paint, Color Zoo, Chicka Chicka Boom Boom, and now The Tiny Seed.



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