Toddler Fishing

Toddler Fishing


It’s Day 9 of our A Very Toddler Summer series we are co-hosting with my friend Kristina from Toddler Approved. Our two weeks of toddler fun are quickly coming to an end…we have had a blast with some awesome (and simultaneously simple) activities. Check them all out here.


For our last activity, we decided to go fishing…with a toddler spin! Little Sister had a blast with this activity! It focuses primarily on hand-eye coordination and fine motor control (by manipulating the net). You can also add some color recognition and counting practice as well!


Reminder:  Please use caution whenever playing with or around water with your toddler. Never leave him/her unattended, even for a moment.


Here’s what you’ll need:  a baby pool, water, a net (I used one of these leftover from our Word Family Fishing activity), and some foam fish. I used store-bought bath toys, but you can always make your own DIY Shapes.

It is stifling hot here, but if it is too cool to do this outside where you live, you can always do this activity in the bathtub! :)






1. Fill your pool with water and dump in your foam fish. I had two “helpers” who were eager to inform me that none of these creatures are actually fish. Touché, little ones…but we’re going with it anyway. :)



2. Add 1 toddler to the pool.



3. Give the toddler a net and have him/her try to catch the fish in the pool using the net!



Little Sister thought this was pretty fun!



Almost…but not quite! :)



Gotcha, little seahorse!



Her brothers wanted to help her fish. She was interested in any “help”.



Then they thought she was looking a little hot, so they wanted to cool her off a bit. She was not impressed. Needless to say, this was the last picture I took of our fishing adventure. ;)




fishing for toddlers



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