Toddler Time: Straws & Lids

Little Brother came up with this activity all on his own. In fact, he is fascinated by it and will spend at least 15 minutes (which is long for him) putting the straw through the lid and then pulling it out. All you need is an empty plastic cup with a lid and a straw!

The great thing about this simple activity is that it is great for hand-eye coordination and for developing fine motor skills. Just make sure your cup is empty or you’ll have a mess on your hands!

Sometimes the straws bend!
So proud of himself! I’m thinking about giving him a cup with a straw at our next photoshoot. He smiles so big after he gets the straw through!

“Wa-hoo! Look at me!”

Slightly disappointed that nothing came out!

*Make sure to supervise your child throughout the activity’s entirety to be sure that he/she doesn’t poke himself in the eye with the straw!


  1. My son loves to play with straws and lids too. What a great simple idea for toddlers.

  2. amazing how such a simple activity can be so rewarding! the fine motor exercise of it is great! my son also loves to pop in the little bubbles that come on to go lids… and then take the lid off, unpop them, and do it all over again!

  3. My daughter had a good time today putting crayons into an empty 2 liter bottle and dumping them back out again.

  4. My boy loved this until he poked his finger through the lid and it got stuck. It was a fast-food type one though; it looked like the kind you have wouldn't hurt as bad. :)

  5. My son loves this game as well…as a matter of fact every time we go somewhere to eat dad and I get a shower.

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