Visit the Fire Station!

We’ve visited the fire station a handful of times in the last few years. We most recently went for a scheduled tour with our church playgroup in July. There are lots of benefits to visiting the fire station, but the biggest (in my mind) was letting the children see a firefighter in his full gear (including the helmet and respirator).

I can imagine it being quite scary seeing a fireman in all his gear when there is actually a fire. Firefighters have said that some children have actually run away from them in an emergency situation because they were scared. Showing your child what a firefighter looks like fully dressed is a great way to prepare if a fire or emergency ever happens in your home!

Call your local fire station and see if you can schedule a tour. I’m sure they’ll happily oblige…especially if you bring them goodies!

Thanks to my friend Mercedes for this photo…I couldn’t find any of my pictures from our fire station tour!


  1. We visited a fire station on monday with my twin boys, they loved the trucks, but were freaked out about the coats and hats. I am glad we at least introduced them to the idea. They were given a bag of goodies, including a plastic firefighter hat, which they have warmed up to and insisted on wearing to the library today.

    We arranged our visit because a fellow twin mom is a firefighter and she gave us the tour, but she said they give tours all the time, always free, for any size group. (ours was our family of 4, mom, dad, twin boys who will be two next month.) Totally worth calling to ask.

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