Week 3 Link Up: 30 Days of Intentional Acts of Kindness with Your Kids

I’ve been so inspired by each of you this week. Here are just a few ideas that YOU have shared that have inspired me:

  • Jess left a free coupon on the product in Walgreens. Someone did this at Target today and I was on the receiving end of it! What a fun surprise!
  • Christy made a fun surprise for her daughter’s friend.

  •  Jennifer encouraged her children to make ‘things I love about you’ books for each other. What a thoughtful way to show kindness to someone in your own household!

  • Stacie and her family bought extra groceries for their local food pantry.
  • The Blythe’s are Blogging Mama spent 30-minutes rubbing her husband’s feet after his 12-hour work day! I’m sure Prince Charming would LOVE it if I was to do this act of kindness!
  • Crayon Wishes and Popsicle Dreams left quarters in the first shopping cart in each line of carts at Aldi. (If you’re unfamiliar with Aldi, you insert a quarter in a shopping cart to release it. Then when you return the cart, you get your quarter back. The purpose is to cut down on the labor of collecting carts in the parking lot, thus keeping costs lower.)   As someone who hasn’t had a quarter when I’ve gone to ALDI a time of two, this would have totally made my day!
  • Mandie and her family saw someone holding a sign on the side of the road and decided to buy him a hat and a snack.
  • Tina listed several of the kind acts of kindness from those around her that have blessed her this week. What a great way to encourage others!


This week I’m challenging myself to have an ‘attitude of gratitude’ along with our intentional acts of kindness. Just stopping to tell someone “thank you” can mean so much, whether it’s road construction workers or my own mother! Instead of rushing around this week, I’m going to try to remember to stop and meaningfully say ‘thank you’!


I also want to share with you this video that I saw over at Crayon Wishes and Popsicle Dreams. I’ve heard this song several times on K-LOVE and I absolutely love it! It seems very fitting as we enter to the busiest time of year!


Don’t forget to share your posts on the 30 Days of Intentional Acts of Kindness with YOUR Kids!

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  1. I may not have been participating in these 30 days of intentional acts of kindness (which is a great idea by the way!) but I have recently been on the receiving end of such acts of kindness from a stranger at Wal-mart who paid my family’s shopping bill! We had a few groceries, an ink cartridge, and National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation, and she just hopped on in and paid our total tab of $81! It was such a blessing for our family, because we have been going through such a rough time right now (my husband was in a car accident two weeks ago and broke his sternum, and on top of that my twins have been sick). Plus, money is ALWAYS tight in our household so $81 was a blessing indeed.

    I blogged about it on our family blog – http://whatsupfagans.blogspot.com/2011/11/thanksgiving-gift.html

  2. Ugh! I was doing this on my phone and didn’t realize I was posting on the WRONG post. Ugh…can we please chalk it up to mommy brain and getting up way too early this morning? LOL…I will link up my Acts of Kindess soon and go over to the right post now. So sorry!

  3. Jenae, I just wanted to say thank you for highlighting a couple item from my blog. But most of all, thank you for inspiring this 30 day kindness challenge. It has been incredibly rewarding to our family, so much that I’m planning on continuing my focus on Kindness…until it just becomes second nature!

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