30 Days of Intentional Acts of Kindness with Your Kids Link Up

Today is the day! We begin our journey of intentionally showing kindness through simple acts every day for an entire month. I’m hoping and praying that at the end of this month, I will be much more thoughtful and in tune with meeting the needs of the people around me. In my post last week, I asked each of you participating to make a list of 7 simple acts to get you started. Here are mine:

  • Take a meal to someone (and use this ‘From Our Kitchen to Yours’ Printable).
  • Pay for the drive-thru order of the person behind me using this drive-thru printable.
  • Pack an Operation Christmas Child box.
  • Write and mail 2 handwritten notes of encouragement (and let the boys include a drawing as well).
  • Make signs for my brother’s first professional indoor soccer game!
  • Take a vase of roses from our rose bush to my grandmother.
  • Deliver pumpkin bread to our neighbors (a yearly tradition).
These won’t necessarily be done consecutively, but at least it gives me a starting point. I can’t wait to read what ideas each of you share. I’m preparing myself to be completely impressed!!!


Are you joining us??? Link up your post below or leave a comment!!!

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  1. I LOVE this! I talked to my kiddos about this all weekend (they are 3, 3 and 5) and this is what we have come up with as a family so far:
    1. Bake cookies and take them to neighbors.
    2. Write “you are nice” (gotta love a 3 year old vernacular!) cards to people “that need Jesus”.
    3. Take Abu (grandma) dinner.
    4. Clean Abu’s house.
    5. Draw pictures for Daddy’s office.
    6. Make dinner for a family in need.
    7. Give away old toys to “kids who don’t have toys like we do”.

    I am so excited! We will be taking thank you cards to a neighbor tonight who blessed us recently and the kids are coloring pictures for her right now. Thursday we are taking dinner to a family who will have their Daddy in the hospital that morning. Thank you for sharing this idea with us!

    We are also making a cutout turkey this week from posterboard. We will be cutting out 30 multicolored feathers and each day we will write our act on a feather and tape it onto our turkey. I thought the kids could use a visual representation of this and I think this is a fun way for us to do it!

  2. I love this and will be doing it with my kiddos! Thanks again for making a difference and helping me pay it forward.

  3. We just saw this today and are going to try to join in the kindness!! Today we invited a neighbor over so I could teach her a braid she asked me about and we made her tea and gave her some of our home baked Halloween cookies. Tomorrow I’ll work on our list for the rest of the month with our kids (ages 2 & 4.) Thanks for such a great idea!!

  4. I am super thrilled about this. Thank you for setting this up and allowing us to be a part of the sharing experience. I cannot wait to sit and talk to the boys (11 and 7) about what we can do tomorrow morning during bible study. I already know one of them…zucchini bread for our neighbors :D Will post our list tomorrow to share with you once we have it all planned out.

  5. Yes..we started our day off by praying with our kids to have the Holy Spirit direct us to move where He wants us to. I have four kids ranging from 4 to 14. So for the first day we had….taking in neighbors recycling bin, helping friend with homework, taking Daddy lunch at work, and helping another student who dropped backpack. We are making a thankful tree and adding leaves to it with our acts. Really hoping people will see Gods love through these acts!! Thanks

  6. Love this awesome idea and will be starting it today with my boys ages 2-7 and will share this with my homeschool group at Thursdays social hour as well as on Facebook ;) I think we will do the giving tree with leaves or the turkey as well just as a visual for my boys. We will start our list during bible lesson today :D

  7. I love this idea, and I’m excited to share ideas and support with all of you! I am going to have a brainstorming session this afternoon with my kids 2-7. Here are some of the ideas we’ve got so far:
    1. Take a meal to a family friend with a child in the hospital.
    2. Make a care package for soldiers deployed, through anysoldier.com
    3. Mow the lawn for my husband (kids will help by pulling weeds)
    4. Invite widowed neighbor to have dinner with us.
    5. Make cookies and take to local fire department & police officers.
    6. Have an ‘art party’ and make drawings/colorings to take to nusing home residents.
    7. Write thank you notes to teachers, school nurse, receptionist, bus driver.
    8. Pack boxes for Operation Christmas Child.
    9. Make cookies for pastor and Sunday school teachers.
    10. Write letters/pictures for Grandparents.

    Keep sharing your ideas…love them!

  8. I loved this idea from your first post about it!! I was going to put the button on my blog (but I am not very blog savy, didn’t know how to put it on my blog and haven’t taken the time to figure it out yet… or to even write a blog post… it’s been like 3 months). Anywho, I forgot to talk about it w/ my kids, but the intentional kindness has been on my mind. I love the turkey feathers idea, I think i’ll do that with my kids, and talk to them about things we can do to be kind and help those around us. Thank you Jenae for all your inspirations!

  9. Thanks for initiating this – it is truly wonderful! I am running a Kids Club in a few weeks and we are going to make advent calendars… So…. I am going to incorporate this idea into the calendars and that way introduce more families than my own.

    We will make an advent calendar with pockets and slip vouchers/pieces of paper inside each pocket/envelope. The vouchers will mostly be intentional acts of kindness, with a few others for the children themselves like an extra story at bedtime voucher or stay up late or dress up for a family meal or go for a moonlit walk etc.

    I am excited about sharing this idea with 12 other children ranging from 3 to 14 and therefore sharing it with their families.

    Thanks again for your wonderful ideas!
    Cathy :O)

  10. I definitely love this idea!! I am sharing it with my readers. My son told me his list of things he wants to do. Made me laugh. I will need to come up with my own list as well.

    1. Share toys with Dylan (his friend) because I love him.
    2. Invite Luke (another friend) over and make a fort that he can go in.
    3. Make brownies for Siena and Dylan
    4. Take Grandma and Grandpa to Fuddruckers by Scott and Tito’s house
    5. Make a turkey card and a milkshake for Grandma Shari
    6. Play Legos with Uncle Scott
    7. Get a baby lamp for Caitlin (his sister) that she can turn on and off and on and off herself when she goes to sleep.

  11. We have joined! Our 1st act was taking the fixings for ice cream sundaes to the cousins house. We are also making a book to go along with this that we can keep and review! Great idea, thanks!

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