Week 1 Link Up: 30 Days of Intentional Acts of Kindness with your Kids



How did your first week go? This week has been invigorating for me. There’s something about stepping out of my selfish ways each day, if only for a few minutes, that has made a huge difference in my overall attitude towards life.

Here’s what we did this past week. But I need to  make myself clear…I am not telling you these things to toot my own horn. I am as selfish as they come, I assure you. There is nothing in my life worth “tooting”. But I’ve found sometimes it is nice to hear what others have done to give me ideas for what we can do!

Tuesday:  Took a meal to a friend
Wednesday:  Picked roses from our rosebushes and took them to my grandmother
Thursday:  Made “cheer” signs for my brother’s first professional indoor soccer game
Friday:  Paid for the person’s order behind us in the drive-thru
Saturday:  Picked up a golden retriever running around in a very busy street and took him to the vet on his collar (this obviously wasn’t planned)
Sunday:  I admit it, I kinda dropped the ball on this day. We taught Sunday school at church, went to lunch with my family, I met up with with my best friend from high school for a while (who I haven’t seen in several months), and then we had a family birthday party. Excuses, excuses…
Monday:  Left a chocolate bar with a note for our mailman (who is extremely cantankerous and will never even wave at us…hopefully it brightened his day a little bit)

And here’s my plan for this next week (again, in no specific order). You’ll see several ideas I planned to do last week repeated. I want to have a plan, but I also want to be open to the Spirit’s leading. Things will occur to me that we might do instead of the “plan”.

  • Freezer Cooking for a friend (using this printable)
  • Bake & deliver pumpkin bread for our neighbors
  • Write 2-3 handwritten notes of encouragement and include a drawing from the boys as well
  • Pack our Operation Christmas Child box (with our small group on Sunday)
  • Pay for someone’s order in the drive-thru behind us again (using this printable)
  • Let someone go in front of me at the grocery store (this might be the most difficult for me…especially if I have the boys with me).
  • Take cookies/treats to the fire station with a “thank you” note.


How about you? How did the first week go for you? Leave a comment or link up your own blog post below!

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  1. We started later so we are currently on day 6.
    Day 1 took ice cream sundae fixings to the cousins
    Day 2 delivered our homegrown pumpkins to some happy ladies. These were off 1 vine that volunteered in the crack between our garage and driveway. It took up the whole patio and we got 20 pumpkins!
    Day 3 The kids drew cards for friends and mailed them
    Day 4 Baked pumpkin bread and delivered to neighbors
    Day 5 Dropped off a bag of stuff to the Salvation Army and used that opportunity to discuss the importance of helping others. While there we picked up 2 kids names for the Christmas Angel Program.
    Day 6 still pending…

  2. I am hoping this is the right place to enter the drawing for the Advent boxes! They are awesome and my girls would love them.

  3. I love that you mentioned being open to the Spirit’s leading. A couple of the things we did last week were “spontaneous” (not random, hee hee) and it seemed that God was nudging me in that direction. It seems that as my family and I make an intentional effort to show kindness to others that more and more ideas pop into our heads (put there by the Lord, I’m guessing)! :)

  4. Our week went pretty well. We’ve combined doing random acts of kindness with keeping a family thankful journal. Some days we were able to to both =). It’s been fun to follow where the spirit leads us. I let a girl go in line ahead of us today, while I waited for our turn, I happened to be looking at gift cards, bought a few and will place them on random cars this week. Very much spirit driven as I had forgotten to even put gift cards on our list!!!
    Thanks for the support and reminding us what is important!

  5. haven’t been doing them every single day. but my son and i just finished a turkey cut out, and we cut tons of feathers to write all of our intentional kindness acts. So far we have 4 feathers on it, hoping to have at least 20 by the end of the month!

  6. You did not drop the ball on Sunday at all, in my opinion–teaching is one of the greatest services you can do! :D Nice work! Thanks for the inspiration!

  7. I think this is a fantastic idea! I haven’t officially started but I gave blood today in case anyone is looking for cheap ideas.

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