What puts out a fire?

I started off this little science experiment asking Big Brother, “What do you think puts out a fire?”

I then used a candle in a glass jar with a lid for the following activity. PLEASE use EXTREME caution if you try this…and I only suggest it for children 4 or older!!! Keep your child far back away from the flame.

I first asked Big Brother to breathe in deeply. Then I asked what he breathed in. We talked about how air is all around us, even though we can’t see it. It makes it possible for us to breathe. I then told him that fire needs air to “live” too.

Then I lit the candle…

..and then put the lid on. We watched what happened.

Next, I lit the candle again and then gave him a small medicine cup full of water for him to pour on top.

Just wait for the wick to dry out before using the candle again!


This was a fun “experiment” to safely learn a little bit more about fire! 



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