X is for X-Ray

About 7 months ago, I walked into the kitchen at our old house to find batteries strewn all over the floor. I had been changing Little Brother’s diaper and didn’t know that Big Brother could open the refrigerator (which is where we keep our batteries–supposedly it helps them last longer???).

Like the crazy, paranoid mother that I am, I immediately assumed that Big Brother must have swallowed one of the little watch batteries (note to self: store batteries at the very top of the refrigerator from now on).

A skip, hop, and a jump later, we were promptly ushered into the X-Ray room at my dad’s office. Thankfully, no batteries had been ingested (this time anyway). But we did get a pretty cool look at Big Brother’s abdomen via X-Ray. I asked my dad if we could have an old X-ray they no longer needed (as a learning too, ya know)….we’re still waiting on that (uh-hum 7 months later).

In the meantime (and in the spirit of instilling non-scariness into Halloween), we decided to make our very own X-Ray!

Here’s what you’ll need:  Q-Tips, glue, and a piece of black construction paper.

I first asked Big Brother to make an “X” with the Q-Tips. This is what I got…oh well!

Ahhh…much better (with a little help from Mommy).

Cut some of the Q-Tips in halves of fourths.

Piece them together to make a skeleton using the glue. This became a major battle of the wills–Big Brother wanted to do it by himself while I wanted to help so that it would look somewhat distinguishable.

We compromised… he got to play with the other Q-Tips afterwards if he let me help him. Apparently, Q-Tips are the next big “thang” this holiday season. Big Brother had so much fun playing with them!
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