Feed the Alphabet Monster

Feed the Alphabet Monster


I love being able to repurpose things that would otherwise end up in the trash. And if you have children in your house, chances are the two items needed for this activity are plentiful:  bottle caps (from milk and other drinks) and a baby wipes container! I shared this bottle cap sorting activity a few years ago and recently found a stash of bottle caps leftover as I was cleaning out a closet. I decided to make this Feed the Alphabet Monster activity to help Little Brother practice identifying lowercase letters.

The title of the post was inspired by Toddler Approved’s Feed the LEGO Monsters post. :)


Here’s what you’ll need:  a plastic baby wipes container, bottle caps, and 1″ stickers.       


IMG_9176     IMG_9178  These 1″ labels are perfect for the tops of bottle caps! Just peel and stick!
IMG_9180  1. Write letters (either capital or lowercase) on the stickers.
    IMG_9462 2. Have your child place “feed” the caps to the monster one at a time while saying each letter.
  IMG_9471       IMG_9468         IMG_9478 I love that this activity can be easily packaged and stored in the wipes container!
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  1. This is such a cute idea. I would like to use this idea in my art class at a preschool I teach. I could use it for color recognition with the little ones!

  2. Super cute idea! My 16yo is making it for a 4H project Child & Development area, with a few changes.

    She needs to figure out a secure way to attach the eyes–the judges would definitely flag that has a choking hazard.

    She’s using the metal lids from juice cans and 2″ labels to do uppercase letters on one side and lower case on the other. The kids don’t fit through the hole (of course) so she’s going to enlarge the opening.

    She’s got duct tape and adhesive foam to decorate the entire wipes container. If she’s proud of her final project, I’ll try to share a picture!

  3. I love your site and ideas. I have a similar site that helps mommies as well under Precious Years Blogger @ website listed

  4. So cute! I am going to do upper case letters on the other side of the cap! that way they can practice upper and lower case letters! :) thanks for the fun idea!

  5. Thank you for the idea! I’m using this idea for a busy bag exchange I am organizing for our homeschool support group!

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