Gross Science Experiments

Awesome Gross Science Experiments


Do you have a child who gravitates toward things that are gross? Or perhaps you would like to pique your child’s interest in science ? We’ve rounded up the grossest, most disgusting science experiments we could find! These experiments definitely aren’t for the squeamish or the faint of heart!


Our Favorite Gross Science Experiments:


What is Blood Made of? Sensory Tub  ::  I Can Teach My Child




edible skin layer

Edible Skin Layers Cake  ::  My Mundane and Miraculous Life




Mold Science ::  Teach Beside Me




Make fake snot  ::  Kids Activities Blog



Make Poop (yes, I know…this one makes even me a little queasy) ::  Hub Pages




Make a worm hotel  ::  Green Kid Crafts



Moldy Bread Experiment

See the importance of washing your hands with this Moldy Bread Experiment ::  Apple & Thyme



 how to mummify a chicken

How to Mummify a Chicken  ::  Adventures in Mommydom



 Play-Dough-Brain-Surgery-Left-Brain-Craft-BrainPlay Brain Surgery ::  Left Brain Craft Brain




Egg in Soda Experiment  ::  Snack Girl
(even seeing this doesn’t deter me from my daily Dr. Pepper habit). :)

candy blood

Make a candy model of blood  ::  Science Matters


 These aren’t really that gross, but have an interesting texture!


arctic animals in icy water square

 How do arctic animals stay warm in icy water?  ::  I Can Teach My Child




Oobleck:  Liquid or Solid?  ::  I Can Teach My Child



Pre-Packaged Gross Science

squishy human body

We have this squishy human body set and the boys love playing with all the organs! It can be a bit to tricky to put them all back into the body, though.




gross science

This Gross Science Lab kit has 26 experiments for kids, including a motorized toilet bowl mixer!

praying mantis kit

Grow Your Own Praying Mantis Kit:  We love doing butterflies and have even done ladybugs (which were a little on squeamish side for me). The thought of ants in my house, even if they’re contained, makes me squirm. But praying mantis’s take the cake for being the grossest insect to watch grow in your house. Blech.

Check out more fun science experiments here:

science experiments




What is your favorite gross science experiment???



Gross science experiments


  1. When I was a kid, when we did the egg experiment, we also put a chicken bone in each of the chemicals. By the end, we could literally bend the bone like rubber because all of the calcium leached out. It was a great explanation of why calcium is so important for our bones!

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