"Heart Breaker" Number Game

Number Game

I’m finally accepting the fact that scrapbooking is not for me. Not in this phase of life, anyway. So, I’ve decided to use some of my scrapbooking “stuff” for our activities. This fun “Valentine-themed” game was so easy to make!

The targeted skills for this game are one-to-one correspondence and number recognition.


Here’s what you’ll need:  construction paper (or scrapbook paper), scissors, a black marker, and stickers (optional).

1. Use a scrap piece of paper to make a heart pattern. Trace the pattern five times on a piece of construction/scrapbook paper.
2. Cut out the hearts and then write the numerals 1-5 on the left side of each heart.
3. Add the corresponding number of hearts…either drawn or by using stickers (if you have them).
OPTIONAL:  Laminate. My boys tear things up faster than I can say “heart breaker”, so I used my handy dandy laminator so that we could play this game more than once!
4. Cut out. Cut a different “break” in each heart so that no two are the same.
5. Let your child get busy matching the sticker sides to the numeral sides. It’s a self-correcting game, so it would definitely be something he/she could do independently (after you explain, of course).


6. Store in a ziploc bag until next time!


And speaking of a “heart breaker”…how would you like to be on the receiving end of one of these kisses? It’s pure bliss, I tell you!


  1. Cool :) Great idea and I'm just preparing everything cause our next week theme is V is for Valentine's day! :)

  2. So cute! I am going to do that one for sure! I might even make one that connects upper case and lower case letters! :)

  3. Neat activity! Thank you for sharing.
    Laminator question – I have the same laminator. I noticed that you laminated then cute your hearts apart – does the film not come off? I always cut apart first and then laminate for fear of it coming apart. Let me know if I can save a step. :)

  4. So far, the film hasn't come off. That isn't to say that it could very well come off at anytime, though! Since this activity probably will be used a couple times and then saved for next year, I'm not terribly worried about preserving it. :)

  5. I was at Michael's the other day looking through the scrapbooking stuff thinking how awesome it would be for kid crafts. My mom scoffed at me since it's so expensive, but those papers… *drool*. This is an awesome craft ~ so creative. :)

  6. Super cute!

    I also have thoughts on the laminator. I want to have one of my own but am looking for opinions. As a teacher, would you use this with stuff for a class? Or just for home use?


  7. Such an adorable idea and I love that you have a laminator at home. I totally want one. Thanks for sharing the link.

    I am also on the same page as you with regards to scrapbooking. Love using the paper for kids crafts though!

  8. Your comment about scrapbooking made me laugh! I just got out some of mine (that I haven’t used since my almost 4-year-old son was born) out tonight to use for some learning/busy bags! love the heart idea–maybe it will help me trick him into learning his numbers! ;) He counts well and knows all his capital letters and most lowercase ones, but number recognition is a definite struggle.

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