Ivy Kids vs. Kiwi Crate: Which one is best?

Disclosure: I received a sample from Ivy Kids in exchange for this review.  


If you have ever been interested in a subscription activity box for your child, one name has surely come up time and again due to their broad marketing reach.  We have both purchased and been gifted Kiwi Crate subscription boxes and have done MANY reviews on Ivy Kids subscription boxes as well.  Let’s compare Ivy Kids vs. Kiwi Crate:  I’ll share my honest thoughts on which we prefer and why.


If your child is a preschooler or at an early elementary-age, you simply cannot beat Ivy Kids.  Each Ivy Kids box is literature-based and comes with a BOOK (a high-quality piece of children’s literature, not just some random cheap book) as well as ALL the materials you need for around TWELVE activities all revolving around the theme of that book.  Within those 12 activities included, you will find a wide variety of concepts and modalities addressed.


Number of Activities and Parent-Participation

Our experience with Kiwi Crate for this age has been relatively frustrating.  Each subscription box comes with one “main” activity and then maybe 2 other simple activities (as opposed to the ~12 in Ivy Kids).  In our experience, the Kiwi Crate activities are not independent and basically require full parent participation.  Ivy Kids also requires some parent participation, especially as you set up each individual activity, but once you get them started, many activities can then be done independently.


Quality of Materials

Both kits incorporate high-quality materials.  I have been impressed with this on both sides.  However, Ivy Kids has SO many more activities that it includes so many more materials, including an amazing book you can add to your home library long after the other activities have been completed!  Every time we receive an Ivy Kids box, I am always amazed how so much can fit into such a small box!  From the quality of the paper



Small Business vs. Large Company

Ivy Kids was started by Taseea Cruz, a mother of three and early childhood educator turned stay at home mom.  Her company was born out of her desire and passion for spending intentional time with her children and creating meaningful, educational activities for them (which resonates with me as this is why I created this website as well).  I love that purchasing an Ivy Kids subscription box means supporting a small business and family rather than a large company!


Domains of Development

Kiwi Crate usually comes with one activity that has a “wow” factor along with maybe 1-2 other “supporting actor” activities.  But once those activities have been created, the kit is pretty much finished until the next month.  Each Kiwi Crate might hit on one domain of early childhood development whereas Ivy Kids kits typically incorporate an activity in at least 4 areas of early childhood development, which are:

  • Gross Motor Development
  • Fine Motor Development
  • Language Development
  • Cognitive Development
  • Social/Emotional Development
  • Self-Help or Adaptive Development



In conclusion, I will continue to proclaim Ivy Kids as THE BEST subscription kit out there for preschool and early-elementary aged kiddos!  Once children get a little bit older, Kiwi Crate is a good option that tailors to an older audience.


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