LEGO-Stamped Gift Wrap

LEGO Gift Wrap

We’re participating in LEGO week with several of our blogging friends! This weekend our boys were invited to our neighbor’s birthday party and they gave him a LEGO set, so we thought it was only fitting that we created some LEGO-stamped gift wrap!


It is so simple and so easy, but the boys had so much fun! :)  We used DUPLOs, since they are easier to pick up (and less messy), but you can use any LEGOs that you already have on hand. 


Here’s what you’ll need:  craft paper and/or a gift sack, LEGOs, and tempera paint!

     IMG_8821       IMG_8824 1. Set out your paint and Duplos on a flat surface (I used the inside of a shoebox to keep it contained).


    IMG_8826 2. Lay out your craft paper and have your child “stamp” the Duplo in the paint and onto the paper.



IMG_8837 Looks like messy fun!


IMG_8843 Do the same thing for your gift bag.




IMG_8855 Let both the craft paper and the gift bag dry completely. Check your bottle of paint to see how long it will take (tempera paint normally dries pretty quickly).


IMG_8861 Once it is dry, wrap up your LEGO gift(s)! :)  



IMG_8877       IMG_8870       Lego-stamped gift wrap    

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