Olympic Clothespin Relay

Olympic Clothespin Relay



It’s Day 3 of our “A Very Toddler Olympics” series we are co-hosting with Kristina from Toddler Approved. We are reusing our cardboard Olympic Rings we made for our Olympic Ring Ball Toss on the first day of the series for yet another super fun (and simple) activity.


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This activity was a big hit for both my 2-year old daughter and my 3-year old nephew! Not only is it a fun Olympic-themed activity, it is also great for color recognition and fine motor development (opening and closing the clothespins).



Here’s what you’ll need:  

10″ cardboard cake boards (or you can use paper plates, they just aren’t as sturdy)

Xacto Knife and Mat


Circle stencil (I used a salad plate)

Paint (I used spray paint)

Hot Glue Gun


Colored Clothespins  (6 of each color)

2 small buckets



Olympic Clothespin Relay

1. Follow the directions here to create your Olympic Rings. We hung our rings inside our DIY Soccer Goal earlier to keep the balls contained from our previous activity, but putting it in a doorway would also work great.




2. Put 3 of every color of clothespin into two small buckets and line them up several feet from the Olympic Rings.


Olympic Clothespin Relay

3. Have your kiddos start by standing near the buckets and then race to see who can get rid of all their clothespins the fastest by clipping them onto the corresponding color! My 3-year old nephew joined us for this fun activity and Big Brother was very helpful in showing them what they were to do. :)


Olympic Clothespin Relay

My nephew quickly caught onto what he was supposed to be doing.


Olympic Clothespin Relay

Little Sister had a harder time manipulating the clothespins, but she still enjoyed getting to play with her cousin!


Olympic Clothespin Relay



Olympic Clothespin Relay

Silly kids.


Olympic Clothespin Relay



Olympic Clothespin Relay square




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