Roll Hop Shape Game For Toddlers

First published Jan 2016.

Roll & Hop Shape Game

Hop Roll Game For Toddlers

Played a simple game that introduces shapes for toddlers while also encouraging gross motor development! This is a super easy indoor activity to begin with, but I was able to reuse the taped shapes I used for our Tracing Shapes with Trains activity which made it even easier!

Little Sister (22 months) loved this Hop Roll Shape Game! Although this is one of our first experiences with introducing shapes, I was surprised at how quickly she recognized the shape on the cube matched the one on the ground.

Here’s what you’ll need:

::  Painter’s Tape (test on your floor before this activity to make sure it doesn’t remove the finish)

::  A large cube (We love this one)

::  Either a marker to draw the shapes or our downloadable shape cards (see below)

Download the free  Shapes Printable here:

Roll & Hop Shape Game Cards

How To Play Roll & Hop Game


Roll & Hop Shape Game

1. Print and cut out the shape cards and put them in the photo cube. Use painter’s tape to make the corresponding shape on the ground.


Roll & Hop Shape Game

2. Have your child roll the “dice” and then hop on the corresponding shape!


Roll & Hop Shape Game

Continue playing until this shape game until your toddler tires of it! This was a  super simple shape activity and lots of fun!

Roll & Hop Shape Game

Roll & Hop Shape Game

Even Little Brother thought it was great (and it was a helpful review of 2-dimensional shapes).
And yes, he does have pants that actually fit…he just chooses to continue wearing pants that are way too long. ;)

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Super simple Roll & Hop Shape Game



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